March 25, 2013

It’s been two months since we got back from our trip to Germany, and I’m finally getting around to sharing these photos. Never mind the fact that I’ve never shared all the gorgeous photos from Curacao. I’m bad at blogging our travel photos! After this trip, I made H promise that we wouldn’t go back to Germany in January again. The last three times we’ve been in Germany, we’ve gone in winter (December 2008, January 2011, and January-February 2013). Not only is it cold, but this time it was particularly windy and I was not happy. On this trip, we spent three weeks in Germany and visited (more or less): Munich, Östrich-Winkel & Mittelheim, Mainz, Geisenheim, Bonn, Köln (Cologne), Berlin, & Hamburg. Whew.

Since we mainly visit Munich to visit family, we don’t do a lot of touristy things. And, with the weather barely getting above freezing (one day the high was -6 Celsius & when we went out to dinner it was -14 C!), H and I were content to stay inside and eat lots of cake and watch the snow fall. It was very relaxing. We did go see the Munich Residenz + Treasury, a Symphony performance, Dachau concentration camp, and, of course, we spent some time wandering around Munich & the neighborhood near his grandparents’ house. When it comes to Munich, I have a love-hate relationship with the city. The people of Munich are fantastic! They are polite, charming, helpful people. Their food is amazing and I’m in love with learning Bayerish (Bavarian). However, Munich as a city doesn’t inspire me that much. I don’t find it as attractive as some of the other cities we’ve visited in Germany. Overall, though, I enjoy Munich. The people and the food make it worth it.

So, this is a view of Munich in winter. Minus Dachau, that deserves a post all of it’s own. A couple notes: I didn’t take the cat with me, but you can see she was more than happy to “help” me pack by sitting in the suitcase. And yes, H’s grandparents are blurry, but it was hard enough to get them in front of the camera.Cat in a suitcaseMunich ResidenzMunich ResidenceMunich neighborhoods snowMunich suburbsTrees and snow in MunichFamilyTrain travel GermanyTrain travel Germany

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