three images of Emily, one where she is at the beach holding a camera in front of her face, one black and white where she and her husband are swinging their daughter between them, and one close up of her with a black and tan dog.

About Me

Servus! I’m Emily and you’ve found my little corner of the internet, where I write about travel, intentionally living with less stuff, and living as a German-American family in Germany.

I am a former wedding photographer turned event producer, and I’ve been an entrepreneur for more than a decade. I first lived abroad in 2005 as an exchange student in Olomouc, Czech Republic. After a semester in Prague at Charles University in 2008, I spent the next twelve years back in my home state of Washington. I adopted a cat, got married, started a business, bought a house, adopted a dog, and had a baby. And in late 2020, my husband got a job offer in his hometown – Munich, Germany – and we moved during a global pandemic.

Since moving, I’ve turned this site back into a personal blog, where I write when I feel like it, about our life in Munich and beyond. When I’m not writing, or working, I’m taking lots of walks with my sweet pup, Shadow, and traveling all over with my husband and daughter. 

Five Fun Facts

  1. My brain is like an internet browser with 38 tabs open. One of them is always playing music. Seriously. My Spotify clockes upwards of 67,000 minutes of play time a year.
  2. I’m a book lover! I’m on track to read 100 books in 2022.
  3. I absolutely adore Haribo gummies and keep a stash of them in my office.
  4. If I didn’t live in Germany, I would move to San Diego.
  5. My #1 travel spot that I haven’t yet visited is NYC.