A little 2022 holiday gift guide

November 25, 2022

a collage of 8 images of different gifts mentioned in the guide below. The image says 2022 gift guide as well.

It’s been ages since I’ve done a holiday list, but I thought it might be fun to put one together this year with a few things I’d love to get under the tree this year. Little and big gifts for someone like me (book and travel loving, with curly hair and an affinity for shiny objects). All images above were sourced from the links provided below.

Let’s start with a few things that I’ve gotten over the past year or so, things I love and use all the time. First up is my silk pillowcase from Lilysilk (1). I got one of these last year for Christmas, and it’s fantastic. It keeps my curls from tangling as much, and I swear my skin has cleared up since I started using it. I love it so much that I even packed it with me for our month-long trip to the US in August. I didn’t bring it on my two week trip in June, and whined to my husband about it more than once. I want to get another one for home, plus a large (80x80cm) one that will fit all the German pillows when we travel. Germany store linked above, US link here. Europeans with US pillows: I have the 50x70cm ones and they fit my US pillows quite well.

A few months ago, someone I follow on Instagram posted about these delightful nap earrings (2) from Maison Miru. I immediately put them on my birthday wish, and now own a pair of the lightening bolt ones. I love that their flat backs mean they don’t catch on my hair. I usually wear them for a few days at a time, and they’re comfortable to sleep with and to wear headphone. Shipping only to the US, sadly. I’m thinking of adding these tiny crystal ones or maybe these heart ones to my collection on my next US trip.

One little thing that has changed my life: a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. I love having music in the shower, and a little one of these has changed my life. I can’t find one that looks like mine, but if I was going to splurge on one, I might go for this fun one from Bang & Olufsen (3) in Green. Shipping worldwide, since you can buy from any brand that fits your needs.

So, what’s on my Christmas list for this year? I love putting jewelry on my list because I don’t often splurge on little pretty things, but it’s so fun to get them from friends and family. I stumbled across this European brand, Murandum, earlier this year, and I adore their Birthflower collection. As a proud August baby, I love the little poppy necklace (4), but then I started thinking about how fun it would be to wear my daughter’s birth flower as a bracelet too. Shipping to Europe, US.

I’ve been hunting all year long for a hoodie that doesn’t make me look like a college freshman. Something I can casually slip on for dog walks, but will still look polished enough that I won’t get disgruntled looks from the German grannies in my neighborhood. Germans, after all, don’t share the same love for athleisure as Americans do. This cropped hoodie (5), from Vuori, might just be the winner. It’s slip, but still slouchy, and a cropped fit means it won’t hit me at my knees. The joy of being petite! (US link here)

We are heading to Scandinavia this winter, and that means I’ve been rethinking all my winter gear. While I’ve got amazing wool base layers from my fave Canadian small shop, Simply Merino, I need some warm gloves too. I’ve been eyeing these merino gloves (6) from Smartwool. I can wear them under my ski gloves for our trip, and I think they’ll be perfect for city living (and all the dog walks) here in Munich. (DE link here)

If you’ve talked to me for more than a handful of minutes – or stepped into my home – you’re well aware that I’ve a voracious reader. Books are always always a great idea for a bookworm. In addition to a few of my favorite books, one thing I’d love is a Plus membership (7) for The StoryGraph. I made the switch over to StoryGraph last year, and I’ve been endlessly impressed by all the put out, and how much easier it is to use than Goodreads. As a bonus, it’s a small company that was founded by a woman of color.

Now, for a splurge worthy item that has been on my shopping list for a while. Back in high school and college, I had this amazing, red, moto leather jacket. I wore it all the time and eventually, got rid of it. I’m kicking myself for it now. I’ve had my eye on a black one for a while, but haven’t yet taken the plunge. The Dalby leather jacket from All Saints caught my eye recently, and I can’t get this beautiful black and gold Dalby jacket (8) out of my mind. (UK link here) There’s a store here in Munich, and I might have to pop in next week and try one on.

If I have time, next week, I’ll make a list of books recs for everyone on your shopping list!


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