Port Townsend on Film

January 15, 2016

Port Townsend // Emily Wenzel Photography

I was hoping to have my best of 2015 post up for you all today, but I completely underestimated the time it would take to narrow down my favorite photos of the year! :/ I’m trying not to get all sad about 2015 being over, because 2016 hasn’t started out on the best note. Sick for the first week, the weather is crap, I spent far too much time yesterday dealing with my business bank account being hacked (yay!), and a bathroom that isn’t functioning properly. You think I’d be used to this after almost two years in our house, but it still makes me crazy.

I’m trying to think positive, that it can only go up from here, but I’m really just trying not to blow money on a plane ticket to a warm location and an unlimited supply of fruity drinks. 2016, you are on notice. Get yourself together and stop giving me headaches. Tell me I’m not the only one? 🙁

Anyway, when I sent off my film from our trip to Barbados, I also sent off a roll I somehow let roll around in my desk for about 4 months. I know, it’s sad. I’d completely forgotten about our trip to Port Townsend. H had a work trip, and I tagged along for a long weekend. It was a cute little town, and we loved being back on the ocean for a couple days.

Port Townsend // Emily Wenzel PhotographyPort Townsend // Emily Wenzel PhotographyPort Townsend // Emily Wenzel Photography

Some of these will be available through my Fine Art galleries later this month.




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