Getting Some Sun & Surf

December 14, 2015

Earlier this year, we realized that H had a lot of airline miles just sitting around. So we cashed some of them in and booked a vacation in the Caribbean for the first part of December. With the crazy windstorm that happened in November, adopting our puppy, and renovating the house, an almost week in Barbados was exactly what we needed. We hadn’t taken a vacation only trip since our honeymoon, we realized, because every other trip was based around visiting family, or a work obligation. Not a bad thing, but it was nice to get away to do nothing but soak up the weather and read a half dozen books.

I’ll be back later this week with Lizz & Ken‘s wedding, but I had to share one phone photo from our trip. Because today, here in Spokane, it’s dreary and gray. And I’m missing the rum punch filled, sun soaked days we had last week.

Emily Wenzel Photography // Barbados Crane Beach

photo of the author, she has dark wavy hair, brown glasses, and red lipstick on. She is wearing a grey shirt.


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