June & July Recap Post

August 4, 2016

I’m beginning to wonder if I can keep up with monthly posts! Here goes:


June started off with us flying back to the US from our trip to Germany & Greece. I second shot for Ashlea Terhune Photography out at Trezzi Farms just a few days after we returned. It was my first wedding at Trezzi, and what a beautiful space! Plus, nothing like long day photographing a wedding to cure jet lag! 😉 This may be my new trick, you guys, because my jetlag was more or less gone after I shot the wedding. Win!

Trezzi Farms Greenbluff Wedding // Emily Wenzel Photography

June included a lot of work on the house too! We’ve been crossing off a few small things, but in the major news, we replaced four windows upstairs and now have opening windows in our bedroom! I’d forgotten how nice that is, after 2 summers in this house. 🙂 We also tore out the nasty old carpet in our room to find wood floors, just like my office has (our room, left and the office on the right). The floors are in pretty rough shape, so we debated putting in new carpet, but I think we’re going to repaint the floors and grab a couple area rugs. I’d love to strip the paint and stain them, but there are some pretty serious gouges that need to be filled. Thoughts on colors? We haven’t come to a consensus yet.

Old Home Renovations in Spokane // The Wenzel Haus

Somehow, in all the madness, we also ended up “accidentally” (oops…) peeling off a bit of paint from our bedroom door. At one point, the trim was lavender! H made it clear that our trim will never be lavender, even if that was historic to the house. Haha! It’s okay, I love white trim, and I think the original color underneath that was white.

One day, when Shadow was out at daycare burning off energy, I came downstairs to find Lola like this. Chilling in his bed. She’s pretty sassy when the dog isn’t around. They still aren’t the BFFs I was hoping for, but it’s getting better every day.

My new favorite Haribo! Every time we go to Germany, we try to leave extra space in our suitcase. This time, since we knew we were stocking up, I slipped a duffle bag into one of our suitcases, and we brought back so much new candy and goodies. We’ve eaten most of the Haribo already, but I’m trying to save some of it. These have been my favorite so far.

Lavender trim // cats and dogs // new Haribo flavors


I second shot another wedding over Fourth of July weekend, but managed to carve out a few hours on the 4th to hang out in our backyard with a book and the hammock. I need to do a book roundup soon, but I just have to say that this book – Lost Horizon by James Hilton – was a great unknown to me classic! I had a ton of weddings in July, and I think all I did was shoot weddings and blog previews. I’ve been slowly catching up this week, but I can’t wait to have a little more time to read later this month.

Fourth of July in Spokane // The Wenzel Haus

With it being so hot, I’ve been pretty against eating or cooking a hot lunch. One of my go-to lunches has been yogurt with a little bit of granola and fruit on top. I’ve been rotating through whatever fruit I snag at the farmer’s market. Plums and nectarines have been my favorite so far!

Yogurt // The Wenzel Haus

A few months back, I picked up a Fitbit Charge HR, and I loved being able to track my steps, stairs, and heart rate. But it didn’t fit my wrists very well, and I ended up returning it. Bummer. So in early July, I finally picked up the Fitbit Alta after a review from a friend. It doesn’t track my heart rate or stairs (which turns out, is okay, because the Charge struggled with my shorter than normal old home stairs). This was from the first weekend I got it, but I’ve been loving it! Last week I grabbed a second band for it, and it looks really nice and sharp on a wedding day now. I’ll have to write a full review on it later this summer. 🙂

What I’ve learned is that, while I’m powering through my steps on the weekends, I don’t get enough steps on weekdays. So we’ve been hitting up the dog park with Shadow a couple times a week, and last Friday, rewarded ourselves with a post-walk trip to The Scoop. Did you know they have doggy ice cream? Shadow got his treat too, and it was a great way to kick off the last weekend of the month – and my first one off in ages!

The Scoop Spokane // Emily Wenzel Photography – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

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