Life Abroad: Visiting Berlin & Dresden

September 30, 2008

September 30, 2008.

I spent last weekend in Germany. I wasn’t able to get my visa before I left for my study abroad in Prague, so I had to hop over to Dresden and get it. But, since I was already on my way over there, I decided to take a quick trip to Berlin as well, since it wasn’t that much more expensive. Berlin is AMAZING! The city is just breathtaking and completely layered in history. It might even be my favorite European city now.

My friend Pat went with me, and we hiked all over the city (next time, I really want to rent a bike). We saw the Reichstag (Parliament) Building at night, walked along the East Side Gallery (the largest remaining section of the wall), got (slightly) lost in the former East, and explored the bombed-out ruins of a church, along with the super-modern Alexanderplatz and ate enough Turkish food to last us maybe a week. I want more already.

My favorite thing in Berlin: all the bikes! 🙂 While I was in Berlin, the weather was warm, sunny, and beautiful. the leaves turned. I love that sight! The leaves are turning here in Prague too, it’s beautiful, and I need to take pictures of Prague in fall and of my apartment so you can see where I live.

Next weekend we’re going on a trip to Southern Czech Republic with our program, doing some hiking and adventuring and who knows what. Classes started for me today, which was exciting. I’m taking a Czech literature class, which I’m not sure if I’ll love or hate.

A woman stands in front of the eastside gallery in Berlin. The graffiti on the wall says The World's too small for walls.

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  1. Germany has good weather because I went to England and took all the rain with me.

    (ok, that's not true, we had lovely weather for a couple of days, but enough rain for a month today)


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