Thinking Back on Summer

March 30, 2016

Yesterday’s weather felt like the first kiss of summer was in the air, as I took Shadow to the dog park and ran into two lovely friends and their pups. It was the kind of day where you dropped all post-work plans to take your pup to the park for some sunshine.

I’ve got tomato starts in my pantry – wonderful light and off limits to my crazy pets – and plans for long days spent lounging in the yard. I can’t help but think back on these images, which I snapped last September, as summer was slowly slipping away . Summer is a crazy time of year for us, but it’s also my favorite time of year.

Most of these are from a trip to Seattle, but the last one is what has me most excited for summer — my tomatoes! 🙂 What are you most looking forward to this summer?

Vantage, WA // Emily Wenzel PhotographySummer 2015 // Emily Wenzel PhotographySummer 2015 // Emily Wenzel PhotographyRyegrass // Emily Wenzel PhotographySummer 2015 // Emily Wenzel Photography


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