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I’ll be out of the office for the next two week. I’m traveling to Europe to visit my family and friends there, so I’ll be a bit slower to respond to emails. I’ll be back in the office by Halloween. Before I go, I wanted to post some more film images from this summers’ travels. I shot film for my recent trip to Alaska, and I can’t wait to get the scans back and share them with you soon! I’ll try to blog (I’ll have time on the trains and planes, possibly) while I’m gone, but I don’t know how often I’ll be able to connect to the internet.



Eastern Washington Film Photography // Emily Wenzel Photography

It felt a little silly to bring my film camera, since we were in Winthrop for Heather & Danny‘s wedding, but I love this little quirky town and it lends itself to film.

Winthrop Travel Photographer // Emily Wenzel Photography

Winthrop Photographer // Emily Wenzel Photography

Left: H in Winthrop, he’s a trooper always posing for me while I’m fiddling with the camera. Right: H & Bryan after their first trialthlon this spring, in Moses Lake

Winthrop Photographer // Emily Wenzel PhotographyMaupin Film Photography // Emily Wenzel Photography

Maupin Film Photography // Emily Wenzel PhotographyOregon Travel Photographer // Emily Wenzel Photography

I made H pull over on the side of the road, and I climbed up on the back of our car to get this photo of Mt. Hood. He thought I was crazy, standing on the car on the side of the highway, but he still pulled over so I could do so. Thanks babe.

Oregon Travel Photographer // Emily Wenzel Photography

This one I’m going to print up and put in my house. The White River falls were so stunning, and I shot this image with the last frame on the camera, so I didn’t know if it would turn out or not.

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