My Favorite Spokane Area Venues

September 12, 2017

A few weeks ago, I shared a list of my favorite downtown Spokane wedding venues, which ranged from big ballrooms to intimate parks. Today, I wanted to share my favorite greater Spokane area venues. I started out with some Washington and some Idaho venues, but my list got too long, so I’ll be back with a North Idaho post and an Eastern Washington post, because you can’t make me choose just a few!

Cannons Edge
First up, my favorite venue on Greenbluff. There are plenty of venues on Greenbluff, and so many of them are wonderful. But I really love Cannons Edge. Besides the stunning view from the ceremony location, and the absolutely lovely venue owner, the fact that there are dozens of sweet little spots for photos, I love that it’s a beautifully natural venue, like the kind of garden you dream of having. I love it so much, I’d move in if they would let me — I even volunteered to water the plants! Alas, I’ll have to settle for photographing weddings here.

Cannon's Edge Greenbluff Wedding // Emily Wenzel PhotographyCannons Edge Greenbluff // Emily Wenzel Photography

Arbor Crest
It wouldn’t be a Spokane area venue post without a winery, so let me just say that I love Arbor Crest for many of the same reasons that I love Cannons Edge. It’s close to downtown, but feels miles away, and it’s got so many little spots to take photos, so you’ll never have to worry about having the same images as every other couple who got married there. The staff at Arbor Crest take wonderful care of their couples, and they partner with some great caterers to make sure your day runs smoothly!

Winery Wedding Spokane // Emily Wenzel PhotographyArbor Crest Winery Wedding Spokane // Emily Wenzel Photography

Commellini Estate
I don’t know where to start when I talk about Commellini. The staff there will take fabulous care of you and your guests, their chefs will cook you a meal that you’ll dream about for years to come (ask Laura & John for confirmation on that), and your guests will talk about what a beautiful place you picked for your wedding. My only complaint about Commellini is that they are up north, and I live on the South Hill! Oh, and that they don’t cook for me every night. But that’s probably a good thing.

Commellini Estate Spokane Wedding // Emily Wenzel PhotographyCommellini Estate Spokane Wedding // Emily Wenzel Photography

Aspen Grove
By far and away, the furthest from Spokane in this list, it’s still worth the drive up to this Deer Park wedding venue. In fact, I like to consider this venue one of the hidden gems of Spokane venues. It’s a beautiful, large venue, and not many people seem to know about it! A beautiful outdoor space, and a wonderful covered reception space – great for those hot days when your guests need shade – this venue will take your breath away. There are plenty of little spaces to explore, turtles to befriend in the pond, and Raina will help your day run so smoothly.

Bohemian Wedding Style // Emily Wenzel PhotographyOutdoor Adventure Wedding // Emily Wenzel Photography

Other Greater Spokane Area Venues I Love:
I haven’t had a chance to shoot at every Spokane area venue (haha!), so I wanted to toss out some more places that might be a good fit (hey, hire me to photograph your wedding at them, okay?) for you.
— Belles on the Bluff
— Beacon Hill Events & Catering
— Lavender Manor
— Zephyr Lodge


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