Kettering University Graduation — Flint, MI

June 24, 2011

My (not so) little brother graduated from college this month. Wow. I flew to Michigan to be there for the weekend. It wasn’t as exciting as it sounds. Because of my flights, I got in late on Friday night and left first thing on Sunday. We spent Saturday at graduation and meeting his friends. I got a rapid from-the-car tour of Flint. It’s such an interesting city. Once a booming mini-Detroit full of industry, it’s fallen on hard times. But lately, things are getting better. At least, that’s what everyone tells me. Flint reminded me of Seattle. One moment, you’d be in a beautiful neighborhood, then you’d turn a corner and be in a bad one. There were so many beautiful homes waiting for a little love. I wish I’d taken pictures of them, but I was too sad. I wanted to take these homes and make them beautiful. On the upside, the people of Michigan are amazing and wonderful and nice. I look forward to seeing some of them again when they finally come out west to visit my brother.
Coffee at Tullys Seattle

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