July Recap Post

August 14, 2017

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I’m hoping to take a few minutes to reflect back on the last year, but first I wanted to get this post up! With the heat wave in July, we didn’t get much done. Basically, just tried to survive and then it got smokey and I gave up on blogging.

1. This beautiful PN Wovens wrap is our favorite thing right now. N has been getting better with the back carries, and after I was gone at Maranda & CJ’s wedding at the end of June, she wanted lots of snuggles. Boom.
2. This picture cracks me up, because she loves strawberries. They’re probably her favorite food right now. I don’t blame her! We speak two languages at home – German and English – and so we’ve got baby books in both languages. This one *might* be helping me improve my German too. [And yes, that’s a 10lb weight in the background. We use it to prop the door closed/open at times. Old house problems, my friends.]

Baby wrapping and German language learning // Spokane family photography

3. Another wedding, another afternoon of pumping. The ladies at Commellini Estate were super sweet and found me a private space to pump, but that didn’t stop me from wanting to die in the 102 degree heat. I guess the pump was cooler than snuggling my little lady? I’m really thankful the weather has gotten better.
4. “The girl with the wooden phone.” N loves to chew on this little wooden phone from Haba.

Pumping wedding photographer and baby wooden phone // Spokane lifestyle photography

5. We went down to Portland mid-month, since H had a conference and I needed a smazak. Especially since Tabor is changing owners soon, I needed to say goodbye to my favorite Czech couple in Portland. While killing time with N, we wandered over to the Portland Art Museum, and listened to a guy play a piano for a while.

Portland Art Museum // Portland Wedding Photography

6. One of my favorite pieces of street art in Portland, it’s by the Portland Art Museum.
7. Have baby, will travel. N loves hotel life — it’s probably all the bed snuggles and the hotel pool. 🙂
8. Home again, and just starting to fit into 9-12 month clothing. She’s excited to wear this cute outfit that her German auntie gave her when we visited in May.

Traveling with a baby // Adventure parenting

9. July was a month of naps. This guy was napping hardcore in the middle of the living room after a couple days at boarding while we were in Portland.
10. N has been rolling over and quasi-crawling in her crib for a few weeks now. Which is great, except she was having a hard time going down for naps. When she went from chatting like crazy to silent the other day, I poked my head in to check on her and found this. [She normally sleeps on her side.]

adopt don't shop // babies napping

And like that, July was a wrap!


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