February 2016 Recap Post

March 3, 2016

It’s sunny outside and I can hardly believe it’s March. February is a short month, but it flew by. Probably because we did a lot of work on the house. This year for Lent, we gave up watching TV. It’s been hard, but on the other hand, we put the finishing touches on the bathroom, and redid the pantry. Which I have no photos of, because they are all on H’s phone. Oops. I’ve got one more big project to finish, and then I’m going to take some photos with my real camera, so I can do some side by sides from when we got the keys.

We flew down to Portland! It was a rainy, cold day, but that didn’t stop us from taking a shoe selfie with new carpet. It’s not nearly as strange as the old carpet, but I’m glad it’s still a thing.

Processed with VSCO

While we were in Portland, we had a great dinner with Bethany & Peter, and got to see a Gonzaga basketball game with our friend Mellie. I also dragged (not really) H to the Tabor food cart for a fried cheese sandwich, because I was feeling homesick for the Czech Republic. As a bonus, I got to have a lovely chat with the owners and brush up on my Czech. We also got to do (not) boring stuff like go to Ikea and Powell’s. 🙂


Because the weather was so nice, I spent a lot of time outdoors with Shadow. We’ve gone to the dog park quite a bit, and taken walks through the neighborhood. We’ve met lots of our neighbors too! I can’t wait for more warm weather. Shadow is no longer pulling me around as much, although he’s still a punk who climbs into the back seat of my car.


Miscellaneous stuff: We have the best realtor, period. She was awesome when we were buying our house, and she’s always sending us sweet little notes, like this one that celebrates two years in our house this month! Tulips are starting to be in season, and I love that! Here’s a sweet bouquet of them in my living room, featuring the gorgeous blue walls we picked out and sunshine! Lastly, more sunshine, and after months of growing my hair out, I realized I didn’t like it and went short on the sides again. I’m waiting for it to warm up a bit more before I go short in the bangs too. 🙂

February Recap // Emily Wenzel Photography

Next up: March! We’re hoping to get some more house projects done, wedding season is ramping up, and I cannot wait for the farmer’s markets to start, and for warm weather!!! What did you do in February?



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