March 13, 2013

Some of you remember how I donated my birthday to charity water? No? Maybe this photo will remind you. My 5th Birthday

Okay, good. We’re all on the same page. I’m happy to tell you that for my birthday, I raised $250 to give clean water to people in need. No, I didn’t meet my goal of $500, but that’s okay. I still raised enough money to bring clean water to 12 people. And this week, I got an email saying that they’ve selected a site for my money to be sent. To Cambodia! It’ll still be a few months before I know where exactly, but I’m super excited. Please ignore my crappy screen shot, I couldn’t help myself! While my campaign is closed, I encourage everyone to either start or donate to a charity:water campaign. $20 can bring water to someone in need. Isn’t that better than buying another t-shirt?



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