At the Cabin

January 16, 2013

Today I’m officially on vacation for a month. Which means I’m purposely not blogging instead of just forgetting. I’ll be back with beautiful photos in February. In the meantime, I’m still taking on wedding clients, and my 2013 season is filling up! I’ll be slower than normal to respond to emails, but expect me to take no longer than 4 days.

Here are some frames from the last time I went unplugged. I spent 4 beautiful days in Montana, soaking up the sun and fresh mountain air. I’m sure this lake is under a couple feet of snow by now. That last image has been on here a time or two before. I just can’t get over it. Now, I’m off to eat chocolate and walk cobblestone streets. To drink wine near the Rhine and beer in Munich. To explore churches and art museums. To watch the trains.

PS- I might be sending some postcards. So if you want one, let me know.


Montana TreesMontana at DawnLindbergh Lake PanoramoLindberg Lake Montana Stars

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  1. I love the stars. I wish I could get a picture like that with my camera. 🙂


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