April & May Recap Post

June 8, 2017

Between traveling most of the month, and recovering from traveling, I didn’t get April’s recap post up. So now I’m looking back at all these photos and I can’t believe that April was SO long ago. Ack! It’s June, and we’ve had really summer-like days lately. So crazy!

1. I started off the month with my first wedding after having N. Oh man, I was freaking out. I was so nervous – it’d been so long since I’d photographed a wedding, and I was worried how N would take it. She’s really only been away from me for a couple hours, and I was gone for a whole day (I think it was 11 hours). But! Cecily & Ted’s wedding was wonderful, and as you can see, she napped like a champ for her papa. [Sleep sack, bassinet]
2. I took N over to my parents’ place for a couple days for some quality grandma and grandpa time, and we went over to IKEA with my mom too. It was our first solo trip (further than over to Couer d’Alene) and she was a rockstar. We’ve had a few solo mama/baby nights since she was born.
3. We cut down the giant maple in our backyard, and Shadow thought the wood was a playground for him! One of our neighbors took most of the wood for his fireplace, and a few friends grabbed some too. Our yard looks so different now. We are going to put in another tree or two next spring, we just have to decide what we’re planting (I’m leaning towards plum and peach trees). Any thoughts??

Behind the Scenes // Emily Wenzel Photography

4. N started sleeping in her crib in April. And I didn’t sleep for a couple nights. We’d had her in our room in her bassinet (which has been, hands down, the best thing we got for a baby. We love this thing!). When she took her first nap in the crib, Shadow didn’t know what to do. He’s been sleeping on a dog bed in our room, and has been napping with her about 75% of the time. So now, he sleeps on the landing outside her room, or at night, sometimes sleeps on the rug in there, instead of on his bed.
5. Trying to write emails with a little kid is kinda like this. Naps are unpredictable, and so sometimes I pull her into my lap so I can try and finish one last email. 😀
6. I was playing the piano for N, and she started fussing from her seat. When I picked her up, she immediately reached for the piano and started pressing keys. She adores music!

Behind the Scenes // Emily Wenzel Photography

1. We got a little rash guard for N for summer swimming (and we went in Germany too), since she’s got such fair skin. H burns really easily, and so as cute as those baby swimsuits are, I didn’t want to take any chances. Both of these are from Primary.com, which is one of my favorite places to shop for N.
2. All packed up and ready to head to Germany! Is there any interest in me writing a post about traveling with a baby, and how we did it? Let me know!
3. Feeling so very mom and quite German, strolling around Nymphenburg Park on a sunny day in Munich.

Behind the Scenes // Emily Wenzel Photography

4. Last year, I had H snap a photo of me in Athens in front of some gorgeous flowers. I was just a few weeks pregnant with N at the time, and it was one of the few days were I didn’t feel sick. This year, we snapped a bunch of photos in front of some lilacs at Nymphemburg. I still need to send off the film ones, but I love this little family selfie of ours.
5. I took N’s 5 month photos on her quilt before we left, but I wanted to snap a couple on the actual date while we were in Germany. H grabbed this behind the scenes photo of me being a total “momtographer”. I took them on film, so who knows if they’ll turn out! She’s a total wiggle worm right now, so I could see them being a total blur. 😉

Behind the Scenes // Emily Wenzel Photography

6. Normally, when we go to Germany, we stay just with family and we’re always in the same places. But this time, we wanted to take a couple days away and go somewhere on our own. I decided I wanted to see what “real” Bavaria looked like, because I love Leavenworth, so I found us this AirBnB in Schwangau, which is where Neuschwanstein is. We didn’t make it to Neuschwanstein, but the view from both the balconies was pretty stellar.

Behind the Scenes // Emily Wenzel Photography

7. The view from the other balcony. We walked from this little village to another little village and had cake one day, and took the long way back along one of the lakes while N slept in her stroller. I didn’t take a photo of the cake, but it was AMAZING.
8. We picked up this “cuddle book” in Germany for N, and it’s quickly becoming one of her favorite things. I’m hoping she loves books as much as I do.
9. Cheeks. Such good cheeks.

Behind the Scenes // Emily Wenzel Photography

10. We did a lot of traveling in May, and I was always impressed by how well N did. Sure, she had meltdowns. But don’t we all have meltdowns when we’re tired and in a foreign country?
11. Baby toes!
12. Lola got this new cat condo thing a while back, and has completely ignored it until recently. Now she sleeps in it – surrounded by all her toys – all the time.

Behind the Scenes // Emily Wenzel Photography

And that was it! May was a great month, we had a total blast traveling (uh, we went to Seattle too. I’m not sure why I don’t have photos of that?) with N. But I’m also glad to be home for a while. I missed my pillow!!


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