A Year in Spokane

July 17, 2014

Last weekend marked one year since our great big move back to Spokane.


Vashon Island Ferry // Emily Wenzel Photography

Part of me cannot believe that it’s already been a year. A year since I went to WDS (something I wasn’t able to fit in this year). A year since we said goodbye to our friends, family, and lovely little apartment in Seattle. On the other hand, it’s been one heck of a fantastic year.

Vashon Island Ferry // Emily Wenzel Photography

We’ve spent a lot of time on the road. I think it’s something close to 15,000 miles? Although, I doubt I could keep track. We’ve traveled all over the Pacific Northwest for work and for pleasure, and I even had a wedding in Chicago, which we flew to. It’s been a year of adventures by car, plane, bike, and boat. We bought a house, which is slowly becoming a home. And found a neighborhood that was more or less everything we’d been missing in every other place we’ve landed in the past few years.

Vashon Island Ferry // Emily Wenzel Photography

And it’s been a blast. There have been ups and downs and craziness all around. And I’ve meant to write more about our lives since the move, but I’ve been busy just living in the moments. Sitting on our patio in the evening roasting marshmallows. Reading a book in the hammock in our backyard. Tearing off part of our roof. Playing Bocce in the park. Farmer’s markets. Yoga classes a few times a week. A thriving and growing business.

I can’t wait to see what year #2 will bring. Hopefully a finished roof 😉

Vashon Island Ferry // Emily Wenzel PhotographyVashon Island Ferry // Emily Wenzel Photography

Do I regret leaving Seattle? Sometimes, yes. I won’t lie and say that I never miss it. I miss our friends and I miss some of my favorite places and spaces. I miss the smell of the ocean. My favorite Thai restaurant. Volunteer Park.

But I miss it a lot less often than I don’t miss it. I don’t miss the traffic or the rain. The cranky people in the winter. The lack of snow in winter — and the crowded ski areas.

Do I sometimes wonder what would have happened if, instead of Spokane, we’d hopped over to Europe for a few years? Oh yeah. But this is where I’m meant to be right now. And I am happy. Beyond happy, I’m content. It’s a good feeling.

I mean, yesterday I drove out the valley with our neighbors to pick raspberries at a friend’s place. And we had dinner on the patio and it was good. Today I’ll walk down to the market and see my favorite vendors, where we’ll chat about life. Catch an outdoor movie on Saturday (it’s The Princess Bride this week) and maybe do some work on the house.

Life is good.

Vashon Island Ferry // Emily Wenzel Photography

PS – these pictures are from our recent trip to Seattle while we were killing time on the ferry. I do miss the ferries. 🙂



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