A Hawaiian Evening in Spokane

May 24, 2010

Back in March, I had the chance to shoot the HPIC (Hawaiian Pacific Islanders Club) Luau. It was the 41st annual luau at Gonzaga, and I am proud to say that I have been at the past three of them. As usual, I had a blast working with HPIC and I loved every minute of it! Even though the Luau doesn’t start until 6pm, many members of HPIC and the other multicultural clubs on campus – such as FASU and ISU – donate their time to help get the whole thing up and running. When I came by in the morning, the dancers were doing a final rehearsal and a multitude of other people were helping cook food back in the kitchens. The Luau is much more than just a show. At 6pm, the doors open, and the lines are usually long. The tables have been set, and people are served delicious Hawaiian food that I can’t even try to pronounce but I love every bite of it!Each year, the luau has a country store and some fun games that they play with the crowd. The MCs ask questions about Hawaii, give out prizes, and people eat a lot of food. Then, the dancing starts. Since the Luau is all about having fun, the first dance this year was a Tahitian dance, and the dancers then invited some audience members up on stage to try it out. After this, the dancing – and the stories that accompany each dance – begin. This is my favorite part, because for a while, I am no longer sitting on the floor of a gym at Gonzaga University, but I am off in Hawaii, a place I dream of visiting someday.


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