March + April – Europe with a Toddler // Recap Post

March + April – Europe with a Toddler // Recap Post

Can you believe it’s May already? It’s amazing the difference just two months can make. When I switched to doing these every other month, I realized there is a bit of wonder in looking back more than 60 days to see how things change so much in such a short time. And spring is such a huge example of that. When we left for Germany in early March, there was still nearly two feet of snow at our house. When I came back, it was more or less all gone, and now we have flowers and real spring!

March – Germany & Italy

1. Flying for us is always a bit weird because we need to be near two different hubs in Germany, to visit family, so we usually pick one and then have to drive/train to the other and it’s a mess. This time we flew in and out of Munich, and while I like it much better, I’m still not a huge fan because Germany won’t let me opt out of the scanners. Ugggh. But, we booked an airport hotel since we got in late and were driving up to the Frankfurt area the next morning. We stayed at this Holiday Inn Express at the airport, which had a pack and play, a decent breakfast spread, and (bonus!) we had a room with a direct view of takeoff and N let me know (every 90 seconds) that a new plane was taking off. Toddler approved.

2. In a super funny coincidence, my family is from about an hour away from where H’s mom grew up. And while we were there, we realized last minute that we had a free afternoon and a rental car, and we drove over to the town my great-grandparents are from. It’s basically a suburb of Frankfurt now, and the weather was all over the place, but it was cool to see. Next time, I’ll plan a little better.

Frankfurt am Main OberRosbach Germany

3. The Airbnb apartment we rented had this great little Winter Gartenwhich is kind of like a sunroom, but this fabulous thing Americans don’t have. Basically, they’re greenhouses attached to your home. Usually not heated, this one had a little space heater and I parked myself out there in the sunshine during naps to enjoy the view…

4. …and to work on a cross stitch. After having N, I really needed a hobby that wasn’t writing to my politicians or reading books, something that was compact, easy to pick up when I had 15 minutes, travel with, and didn’t take up too much space. I tried embroidery and cross stitch and prefer cross stitch for now.

Eltville am Rhein // Modern Cross Stitch

5. A rainbow from the Autobahn. The Autobahn is just as crazy and beautiful as you might think, and I will probably never ever drive in Germany because I find them so overwhelming. But I do find it fascinating that Germans make it quite hard an expensive to get a license, and then trust that their drivers will follow the rules and make the best decisions based on their abilities and their vehicle. It places a lot of trust in drivers. Anyway! I think this was from when we detoured to pick up a cousin of H’s that I’d never met after his flights got messed up and we drove him down to Bavaria with us. Kismet.

6. We barely spent any time in Munich proper for this trip, since we basically camped out in a tiny Bavarian village with family, but we did make it to the aquarium and N was absolutely thrilled. She loved pointing out all the fish and the sharks and basically said ‘yaaaaay’ and clapped her hands the whole time. Win. And since we spent so much time hanging out with family, at the hotel pool, and just relaxing, I didn’t take many photos this time. But it was good and I ate really well.

Germany Autobahn // Munich Aquarium

7. Rome! We went to Germany for Opa’s 90th birthday party, but when H had to fly back for work stuff, N and I took advantage of the fact that tickets were the same price a week later to stay longer. I wasn’t sure what we were doing until about a month before our trip when we made the decision to spend 5 days in Rome. It was lovely, it was strange, and I have mixed feelings.

8. I have no mixed feelings about Roman pizza. It’s amazing. We adored the cold pizza by the kilo during the day (my fave had fresh ricotta and basil with the thinnest schmear of tomato sauce) and never had it hot from the ovens because we were too exhausted to eat dinner out and only tourist places serve hot pizza before like 7:30pm. N adored it, and we adored all the pizza store owners who saw her and handed her a roll or slice of bread. She learned early on to say grazie! with a big smile.

Italy with a Toddler // Italian Pizza

9. This church was near the bus stop by our Airbnb and there was a small fountain and square and N loved it. We would grab gelato or pizza and sometimes sit here while waiting to grab a bus and people watch. Rome is fab for people watching.

10. At a piazza, listening to music, and sitting next to a fountain. And shortly before having gelato or pasta. Seriously, Rome was N’s dream, because everyone loves kids, and N loves the food they have there. We did a lot of walking – I do regret not bringing a stroller because she got heavy after 2-3 miles of carrying her – but she was a champ and I was so proud of her.

Rome Churches and Fountains with a Toddler

11. A little action shot of how carrying her went most days. I usually used a ring sling because she would want to rest for a bit, and then I had a purse or my backpack to wear as well. A couple times when we just popped out for groceries or to grab take away pasta or gelato, I would back carry her in our Tula. But usually I used the ring sling and a backpack. It was not easy. I think we averaged about 6 miles a day while in Rome.

12. And then, after she went to bed at night, I would power through 2-3 hours of work on my laptop at the tiny table in the kitchen. Because of the poor internet connection at the Munich hotel, I played catch up and had to do a lot more work while we were in Italy. But it was worth it. A couple times we took it easy and I would come back with her for naps to work while she slept.

Wildbird Ring Sling Rome // Working Remotely

13. Gelato face! This was good gelato, but not our favorite. We had gelato every single day, and even had some at the airport on our way back to Munich. N would pick one flavor, and I would pick the second. Usually, she wanted a berry flavor or chocolate. Once she got a mint flavor, and then decided my nutella was better and ate most of mine.

14. We make it to the Pantheon, but didn’t make it inside. Instead, we played in the fountain, charmed a bunch of French school kids with our strawberry hat, and watched all the people.

Best Gelato in Rome // Traveling with a Kid

15. Rome, like Athens, had a lot of beautiful tile and stone work. One of the greatest parts about going at “toddler speed” is that you often have to stop and look at things more often. It takes longer, and sometimes it can be frustrating, but other times it means you notice this beautiful tile work in a building nearby and check it out.

16. I booked us tickets on a Big Bus tour and we rode around for two days hopping on and off. N loved waving to people, seeing all the ‘vest-pass’ drive by, and pointing out all the oranges on the trees. I don’t know if it was the best way to see Rome, but it was fun and she loved it and I at least got to see a few things and we got the lay of the land.

Pretty tile // Tour buses in Rome and Orange Trees

17. The craziest day we had was when we went to the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill. It was nuts. We got conned into a tour which at the Colosseum was meh, but the guide for the Forum and Palatine Hill was amazing. We walked at least 8 miles that day, and N did probably half of them on her own. She powered through nap time, played with rocks at the Roman Forum and climbed the stairs at the Colosseum. At the end of the day, she told me that she loved ‘playing in the dirt in the old plays with the towers’.

The Roman Forum and Colosseum

18. On our last full day in Rome, we spent the morning at St Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican. I knew that we wouldn’t be able to handle the Vatican Museums, but I really wanted to see the Pieta, which is at St. Peter’s. We were able to skip the line when a kind security guard took pity on us, and N had a blast finding all the stars on the floor of the Basilica, told me the mama looked sad in the Pieta, and giggled when the bells rang. We picked out postcards and mailed them. Then we ate chips after leaving the square and giggled at the pigeons.

19. This was a side street near our Airbnb. My regret is that I also had put off seeing a couple of the more touristy sites – Trevi fountain and the Spanish Steps – and they were a zoo on a Friday night. I would take the advice to see them early in the day, and frankly, I didn’t think they were that great (but I hate crowds). We did wander through Piazza Navona again (from the fountain up above) and there was a great quartet playing music, tourists dancing as the sun set, and N loved that more.

Visiting the Vatican // Back Streets of Rome

20. We schlepped ourselves back to the train station at a leisurely pace (pro tip: always leave early with kids, it’s easier to go slow than to rush). Then we had this train station pasta which was still 100x better than most pasta in the US (that’s burrata cheese, not eggs) to fuel us on the first leg of so many to get home. We then flew to Munich to spend the night with family, before flying back home.

21. Due to a super delayed flight out of Philly, we had to overnight in Seattle, but the view of the mountain, which N delights in pointing out, almost made up for it. And like that, March was more or less over, we were home from Europe and it was time to slow down, a little, maybe, in April.

Rome Train Station // I Fly Alaska


April – Hustling, Gardening, Growing Things

1. We came back from our trip and I spent a couple hours doing a deep dive into the next couple months. I really love working at Rockwood Bakery because their food is amazing and they have no wifi! Which is super super helpful when I’m trying to sort through or organize things and don’t want to get distracted by social media.

2. We’ve been talking about overhauling our veggie garden (taking a cue from one of the home bloggers I follow, I’m going to call it my potager garden when it’s done) for years, and this year, we decided to pull the trigger. Of course, then our schedule got crazy and it rained and rained and rained, so it’s been a race against time and energy to get it done in time for growing season. Adventures in home renovation.

Rockwood Bakery // Potager Garden Remake

3. I took my Think Tank camera bag apart and we used it as one of our carry on suitcases for our trip. It’s a bit tedious to do that, so I don’t do it very often, but it’s also nice because I have to clean it out. When I was putting all my gear back in it, my little assistant decided that I needed a couple friends to keep my lenses company for a few minutes.

4. When our home is chaos and we’re up to our eyeballs in renovation stuff, I try to find pretty little corners and enjoy them. This spot in our living room, with flowers on the piano, makes me very happy. I love having flowers in our home, and after we finish our potager garden, I’m going to start sketching out our front garden plans and slowly start working on them. One of my dreams is to plant a bunch of flowers for a cutting garden, because I adore having fresh flowers in our home.

Think Tank Camera Bag // Tulips in Spring

5. I guess I was on a French kick last month, because I also finally got around to making Smitten Kitchen’s updated French Onion Soup and then ate it for like a week. I probably didn’t cook it long enough, but it was better the next day (and the next) and I’m game to try it again – when soup season starts back up.

6. I cut way back on weddings this year, and I’ve been shooting more families, head shots, and working with small businesses. It’s been fantastic. I love weddings and I am going to write more about this choice later, but I needed to breathe and try new things too. This was from when I was waiting to meet with a new client.

Smitten Kitchen French Onion Soup

7. My husband has been traveling a LOT this month, which means a lot of juggling too. The dog isn’t always well behaved enough to handle him on a walk and keep an eye on little miss, so she got some mama snuggles and the dog got a walk and everyone was happy. Remember the pregnancy photo of me from this same window? It’s a good then and now.

8. We went over to Gonzaga for an Easter Egg hunt, and after getting eggs, N made a beeline for Hughes Hall. Maybe I’ve got a future paleontologist on my hands? She does love dinosaurs!

South Perry District Life // Gonzaga Easter Egg Hunt

9 & 10: Snuggling up with my girl before heading out to work at Confetti Spokane. This season of being a parent, and a small business owner, has really challenged me in so many ways. I’m juggling the hustle and learning how to be present with her and present with my business and not feel the mama guilt. I want her to see me do something that empowers me and others, to build a business that I’m proud of, to do a job that brings joy to people. And sometimes that means I have to leave, I have to put myself and my work before her. But I know we’ve built a good network of daycare and family who care for her and love her. And she love them all too. Which helps on those long days.

Mom Boss Style // Confetti Spokane

11. One of my favorite things from Confetti was meeting the delightful Tia, who runs In Bloom Flower Farm and is a local florist. She was helping all the lovely ladies make these beautiful flower crowns and made me a gorgeous one to wear. I had such fun and my husband got a good laugh out of it when I got home.

12. Toddler style is the best. This jacket is still huge on her, but she is in love with it and wants to wear it all the time now. I look at her sometimes, and I can see hints of what she’ll be like when she grows up, and it makes my heart ache in so many ways. This stage of life has been exhausting. She is a whirlwind of pure energy, but it’s also been so full of joy. To see her explore and experience new things. To see her find her voice and her confidence.

Flowers in my hair // toddler fashion

13. Last spring, we planted a plum tree and a peach tree in our back yard. We had to remove our backyard maple tree a few years back because we found out during the windstorm in 2015 that there was some serious rot in the limbs (one almost fell on our garage and missed the garage and me by inches). As sad as that was, it was the perfect chance for us to plant a couple fruit trees. We ordered these two tree last year, and this year, the peach tree bloomed! They’ve still got at least another year before they’ll fruit, but I’m so excited about them.

14. The lack of a garden and the cold weather has kept me from actually buying any plants, but it didn’t keep us from scoping them out and dreaming of what we’ll put in the front garden as well as our potager garden.

Urban gardening // Liberty Park Florist

15. Surprise flowers from H, which he sent to both of us girls because he missed us. N has been telling us that the pink and white ones are for mama, but the purple ones are for her. And papa sent them for us from the airplane. :)

16. Omi and Opi have this sweet little desk/chair set in Germany, and so we made our own version so that N can “work with mama” in my office. It still needs to be painted, but she’s been loving having a dedicated coloring space. Because these are modular, they can both be chairs or desks.

Rose & Blossom bouquet // modular children's furniture

September + October Recap – Flying with an older toddler // Behind the Scenes

September + October Recap – Flying with an older toddler // Behind the Scenes

When I made the (very long) list of all the posts I wanted to catch up on for the blog, I almost crossed off these monthly recaps. They’re not the most popular posts on the blog, they don’t bring in much traffic, and they’re kind of a pain to put together. But I love them so very much, and I really enjoy looking back on these for my own sake so here goes. Trying to catch up though, means I’m hoping to blog two long posts for September + October and November + December all in January. Or maybe I’ll make these a two month thing for 2019?

Here goes!!

September :)

1.  We had family in town for parts of Labor Day weekend (and did some actual work on the house then too), which means we made sure to take time in the evenings for fire pits and s’mores on the patio. Looking back at this summer and fall, I think we actually got a good amount of patio time in. I’m advocating for a patio heater for 2019 so that we can use that space for even more time. Anyone have one and love it?

2. We used to travel almost every year during Labor Day weekend but I put my foot down and insisted that we stay in town this year and go to Pig Out in the Park. It was a little crazy because of the construction, but it was really fun to try all the different foods and have N try them too. She had a blast and loved people watching.

Pig Out in the Park with a Toddler

3. We went out for a family dinner as well, and went to Clinkerdagger. Bonus points to them because we always love their view and they have good food on their kid’s menu (N had salmon) instead of just chicken nuggets and plain pasta. My kid would rather eat artichoke dip than chicken nuggets.

4. Running errands in the fall and getting some wrap snuggles in.

Fall Days Babywearing Spokane Falls Clinkerdagger

5 + 6. We always try to squeeze in extra time in the Methow Valley, and when we went up for Jessi + Tim‘s wedding, we managed to get lots of hiking in. We took a short stroll on one of the cross country trails by the river, then while I shot the wedding, the other two did a hike near Winthrop. Both of these photos are from our short toddler stroll.

Methow Valley Visit Mazama with Kids

7. Our last family hike in the Methow Valley before we headed out to drive home was to Cutthroat Lake. This was a beautiful hike and I was really bummed that, unlike the other family we ran into up there, we did not pack a picnic lunch to enjoy by the lake. Next time we’ll plan ahead!

8. After getting home from Mazama, we enjoyed a fairly low key family dinner out to celebrate our SEVEN YEAR anniversary. I feel like it was just yesterday that we got married, and I’m so shocked it’s been seven years (and more than a decade together). We’re taking a kid free trip later this month as a gift to ourselves so that will be nice. :)

Cutthroat Lake North Cascades Anniversary Dinner

9. Sometimes working from home with a toddler is easy. She naps and plays independently and it’s great. Other times she doesn’t nap and then crashes on you as you’re trying to make dinner.

10. Or, she insists on you sitting in her room while she plays with you and you try to work. Toddlers are funny creatures that I will never begin to understand.

Working from home with a toddler

11. When I drove down to Tekoa for Katie + Seth‘s beautiful wedding, the winds were howling. But they calmed down right as the ceremony started and rewarded us with a beautiful sunset that this panorama does not do justice.

Thompson Barn Tekoa Sunset

12. N has been super into helping us in the kitchen lately. It’s been messy, but she loves to stir whenever we are cooking or baking things. She asked to help us make pumpkin muffins, and so H and N made them while I was working one evening.

13. September sunsets are stunning and here’s another one just from my backyard. I miss fall.

Cooking with Toddlers, Fall Sunsets

14. Sometimes, you end up near Gonzaga on a crazy morning when you haven’t had breakfast so you can have a fasting blood draw and you snag a bagel from Ultimate Bagel and bring it home and it’s the best fuel for a long day of editing.

15. We bought an old dresser that had some really tarnished hardware and I used <science> to clean it off. Looks like it’s brass, but sadly, there aren’t enough handles for all the drawers. Much to my husband’s annoyance, I’ll probably keep them for some mythical future project.

Ultimate bagel and refinishing hardware

16. Cooler fall days meant the AC was finally off and this girl has gone blanket crazy. She was running all over with this one, giggling while we made lunch one day. Shadow was unimpressed.

17. Some days, when she wakes up from a nap, she asks for snuggles and keeps me company while I answer emails.

Working from Home with a Toddler in your lap

October :)

18. Early October was insane, but I took a morning to do some self care and got a haircut and did a few things that helped me stay sane through most of the busy month. By the end of the month, that morning felt like a long lost dream.

19. I got to shoot an event at Gonzaga in October and help a bunch of their students get great new head shots. It was fantastic to do, and so fun to be back at my alma mater. I remembered why I loved campus so much too. It’s strange, because I thought when we moved back to Spokane five years ago, we would spend more time there, but we don’t spend much time on campus. Maybe now that the bridge is open we will ride our bikes over there!

20. The view from my last wedding of the year, Sonja + Phil‘s day at Badger Mountain. The clouds went away and the sun came out later and it was an absolutely perfect fall day.

21. How do you manage a dog and a toddler at the vet? Very, very carefully. It isn’t always easy, but somehow we all survived.

How to manage a dog and a toddler at the vet

22. Right before we flew off to visit family in Germany, we went to this small pumpkin patch in Spokane Valley. There were no hay rides or pumpkin donuts, but there was also no traffic and it was easy to park. We found our pumpkins and did it all without (major) tears. [Minor tears due to falling down and getting dirt on our hands – the horror!]

23. Once we got home, someone delighted in pointing out her tiny pumpkin to us over and over and over.

Pumpkin Picking in Spokane

24. The last time we flew long haul with N was in March, when we went to Prague. We flew British then and had the bassinet and so this was essentially our only true lap infant trip in her two years. We got lucky on our flights to Hawaii, and scored an extra seat for our lap infant, if you remember from February. It wasn’t easy and the seats on Condor are small. But she still got a good amount of sleep in. More than both her parents.

25. She was so tired though, that she completely passed out in my arms before we arrived in Munich, and I handed her to H, put the ring sling on, and got her in it without her waking up. It was hilarous. She woke up just as we were heading out to get the rental car.

Flying with an older lap infant

26 & 27. We spent most of our time in Munich with H’s family, although we did go into the city a couple times (and we took a last minute trip to Innsbruck). N’s favorite thing was this forested area near his grandparent’s house, and the awesome playground that I forgot to photograph in the neighborhood. She keeps asking to go back there and play more!

Munich Forest Walks with Kids

28. We did escape Munich for a short weekend trip to Innsbruck, and stayed at a lovely Airbnb in Oberperfuss, a village like 15 minutes from the city center. The view of the mountains was amazing, and they even brought us fresh eggs and milk in the morning. I would 100% recommend this Airbnb for families. They had a small play structure, a pack and play we could use, and if the other apartments are anything like the one we stayed in, they’re perfect for families. Uh, don’t ask me how good their English is, we spoke all in German.

Airbnb near Innsbruck

29. We decided on this last minute trip to Innsbruck because I wanted to see the alps. So we went up the Nordkette, which was very cool but also…foggy. Dang it. However, the cable cars were a blast for all of us, the restaurant was pretty good, there was an awesome Tyrolean band playing (because it was Saturday), and N loved listening to the music. This was the trip where we really learned our lesson about ordering kids food. See, we ordered her this typical German kids’ meal (Frankfurter und Pomme Frittes – Hot dogs and french fries, because she loves both these things) but she took one look at H’s Kaesespaetzle and demanded some of it. Which is what she’s eating in this photo.

30. Downtown Innsbruck was adorable, we strolled through the beautiful buildings and tiny side streets and fell completely in love with the little city. It’s smaller than Spokane, and we loved all the mountains and the river. Bonus: it’s only 2 hours from Munich in good traffic (ha!). We’re dreaming of heading back soon.

Innsbruck and the Nordkette with a toddler

31. More food with this kid. On one of our last days we were in the city center doing some shopping and meeting up with old friends (H), and I didn’t want to eat in one of the cheesy tourist trap “German” restaurants around Marienplatz. So we found this adorable little Italian restaurant, La Valle, tucked away on a side street. N was in love with H’s pasta and the waiter who quickly switched from German to Italian to English and back again. I had some amazing ravioli that I’m still dreaming about.

32. Obligatory Rathaus photo to prove that we did in fact visit Munich proper and see something touristy.

Eating with a toddler in Munich

33. The drive to the airport was far too stunning and it made me wish I’d spent more time demanding we drive around and just pull over for me to take pictures of the fields and the perfect Bavarian blue-white skies on this trip. The weather was mostly amazing and beautiful with a few rain showers, and we were feeling bittersweet about heading home.

34. On the way home, N decided that she didn’t want to sleep across both our laps, but instead wanted to use me as a pillow and steal H’s seat. So he stood for about 6 hours on our flight. We had a long, late layover in Seattle and we were thrilled to be home and sleeping in our own beds by the time we got back to Spokane.

Mornings in Bavaria

35. A little out of order, but N’s hair was long enough while we were in Munich for me to french braid it one day. She sat still while papa distracted her and it lasted all of an hour before slipping out. It was fun to practice on her, although it’s been years since I’ve done French braids regularly.

36. N decided she would help me with my overflowing inbox when we got home and answer all my emails. Thankfully, no emails were sent on my behalf – this time. ;)

Working from Home with a Toddler

37. This silly girl! She wanted to be a superhero in her car and borrowed my scarf. She was zooming all over and the light was pretty so I took a picture.

38. With travel right before Halloween, we didn’t have much energy for costumes. We threw together these Rosie the Riveter outfits for a quick walk around the neighborhood and reused last years’ snow owl costume for a trunk or treat at her daycare.

Toddler and Mama Halloween Costume - Rosie the Riveter

And then boom! It was November and we were off running towards the end of the year. Hopefully I’ll get all caught up with these soon!!

Neuschwanstein, Schwangau, and Bavaria on Film // Germany Travel Photography

Neuschwanstein, Schwangau, and Bavaria on Film // Germany Travel Photography

I’ve been traveling to Germany for the past decade, and this was I think my 10th trip? I tried to count them up, but I can’t remember how many times I hopped across the border while studying in Prague. It’s like asking me to count how many times I’ve been to Portland. We’ve been to Munich a half a dozen times – after all, H grew up there. But for this trip, we knew we wanted a few day away from everything to just explore a new place. We looked at a bunch of different places, but when I saw this apartment on Airbnb, I knew we were coming to Schwangau.

Schwangau is where Neuschwanstein is – spoiler alert: we didn’t go to Neuschwanstein – and Hohenschwagau. It’s very typically Bavarian. In fact, on our second day there, the dairy across the street let their cows out into the field in the first photo. It was loud, and kinda smelly, but so very Bavarian. We laughed, and headed out to visit a few castles.

If you’ve ever been to Leavenworth, and loved it, you’re going to love the real Bavaria. Leavenworth, while good, isn’t anything like the real deal. The first morning, I woke up and snuck out on the balcony. The mist was out (that’s the first photo) and it was perfection. We wandered around and ate cake at a beautiful old cafe. I visited a cemetery (you can learn a lot about a village by how they treat their dead). We hiked a mountain with a baby and visited a castle. We almost got caught in the rain (which is why we didn’t make it to Neuschwanstein) and read books in the hammock on the balcony. It was good.

Schwangau Bavaria on Film // Emily Wenzel PhotographySchwangau Bavaria on Film // Emily Wenzel PhotographySchwangau Bavaria on Film // Emily Wenzel PhotographySchwangau Bavaria on Film // Emily Wenzel PhotographySchwangau Bavaria on Film // Emily Wenzel PhotographyVisiting Germany with Kids // Emily Wenzel PhotographyVisiting Germany with Kids // Emily Wenzel PhotographyVisiting Germany with Kids // Emily Wenzel PhotographyVisiting Germany with Kids // Emily Wenzel PhotographyVisiting Germany with Kids // Emily Wenzel PhotographyVisiting Germany with Kids // Emily Wenzel PhotographyNeuschwanstain & Hohenschwangau // Emily Wenzel PhotographyVisiting Germany with Kids // Emily Wenzel PhotographyNeuschwanstain & Hohenschwangau // Emily Wenzel PhotographyNeuschwanstain & Hohenschwangau // Emily Wenzel PhotographyNeuschwanstain & Hohenschwangau // Emily Wenzel PhotographyNeuschwanstain & Hohenschwangau // Emily Wenzel PhotographyNeuschwanstain & Hohenschwangau // Emily Wenzel Photography

April & May — Recap // Life Behind the Scenes

April & May — Recap // Life Behind the Scenes

Between traveling most of the month, and recovering from traveling, I didn’t get April’s recap post up. So now I’m looking back at all these photos and I can’t believe that April was SO long ago. Ack! It’s June, and we’ve had really summer-like days lately. So crazy!

1. I started off the month with my first wedding after having N. Oh man, I was freaking out. I was so nervous – it’d been so long since I’d photographed a wedding, and I was worried how N would take it. She’s really only been away from me for a couple hours, and I was gone for a whole day (I think it was 11 hours). But! Cecily & Ted’s wedding was wonderful, and as you can see, she napped like a champ for her papa. [Sleep sack, bassinet]
2. I took N over to my parents’ place for a couple days for some quality grandma and grandpa time, and we went over to IKEA with my mom too. It was our first solo trip (further than over to Couer d’Alene) and she was a rockstar. We’ve had a few solo mama/baby nights since she was born.
3. We cut down the giant maple in our backyard, and Shadow thought the wood was a playground for him! One of our neighbors took most of the wood for his fireplace, and a few friends grabbed some too. Our yard looks so different now. We are going to put in another tree or two next spring, we just have to decide what we’re planting (I’m leaning towards plum and peach trees). Any thoughts??

Behind the Scenes // Emily Wenzel Photography

4. N started sleeping in her crib in April. And I didn’t sleep for a couple nights. We’d had her in our room in her bassinet (which has been, hands down, the best thing we got for a baby. We love this thing!). When she took her first nap in the crib, Shadow didn’t know what to do. He’s been sleeping on a dog bed in our room, and has been napping with her about 75% of the time. So now, he sleeps on the landing outside her room, or at night, sometimes sleeps on the rug in there, instead of on his bed.
5. Trying to write emails with a little kid is kinda like this. Naps are unpredictable, and so sometimes I pull her into my lap so I can try and finish one last email. :D
6. I was playing the piano for N, and she started fussing from her seat. When I picked her up, she immediately reached for the piano and started pressing keys. She adores music!

Behind the Scenes // Emily Wenzel Photography

1. We got a little rash guard for N for summer swimming (and we went in Germany too), since she’s got such fair skin. H burns really easily, and so as cute as those baby swimsuits are, I didn’t want to take any chances. Both of these are from, which is one of my favorite places to shop for N.
2. All packed up and ready to head to Germany! Is there any interest in me writing a post about traveling with a baby, and how we did it? Let me know!
3. Feeling so very mom and quite German, strolling around Nymphenburg Park on a sunny day in Munich.

Behind the Scenes // Emily Wenzel Photography

4. Last year, I had H snap a photo of me in Athens in front of some gorgeous flowers. I was just a few weeks pregnant with N at the time, and it was one of the few days were I didn’t feel sick. This year, we snapped a bunch of photos in front of some lilacs at Nymphemburg. I still need to send off the film ones, but I love this little family selfie of ours.
5. I took N’s 5 month photos on her quilt before we left, but I wanted to snap a couple on the actual date while we were in Germany. H grabbed this behind the scenes photo of me being a total “momtographer”. I took them on film, so who knows if they’ll turn out! She’s a total wiggle worm right now, so I could see them being a total blur. ;)

Behind the Scenes // Emily Wenzel Photography

6. Normally, when we go to Germany, we stay just with family and we’re always in the same places. But this time, we wanted to take a couple days away and go somewhere on our own. I decided I wanted to see what “real” Bavaria looked like, because I love Leavenworth, so I found us this AirBnB in Schwangau, which is where Neuschwanstein is. We didn’t make it to Neuschwanstein, but the view from both the balconies was pretty stellar.

Behind the Scenes // Emily Wenzel Photography

7. The view from the other balcony. We walked from this little village to another little village and had cake one day, and took the long way back along one of the lakes while N slept in her stroller. I didn’t take a photo of the cake, but it was AMAZING.
8. We picked up this “cuddle book” in Germany for N, and it’s quickly becoming one of her favorite things. I’m hoping she loves books as much as I do.
9. Cheeks. Such good cheeks.

Behind the Scenes // Emily Wenzel Photography

10. We did a lot of traveling in May, and I was always impressed by how well N did. Sure, she had meltdowns. But don’t we all have meltdowns when we’re tired and in a foreign country?
11. Baby toes!
12. Lola got this new cat condo thing a while back, and has completely ignored it until recently. Now she sleeps in it – surrounded by all her toys – all the time.

Behind the Scenes // Emily Wenzel Photography

And that was it! May was a great month, we had a total blast traveling (uh, we went to Seattle too. I’m not sure why I don’t have photos of that?) with N. But I’m also glad to be home for a while. I missed my pillow!!

June & July 2016 — Recap // Personal Post

June & July 2016 — Recap // Personal Post

I’m beginning to wonder if I can keep up with monthly posts! Here goes:


June started off with us flying back to the US from our trip to Germany & Greece. I second shot for Ashlea Terhune Photography out at Trezzi Farms just a few days after we returned. It was my first wedding at Trezzi, and what a beautiful space! Plus, nothing like long day photographing a wedding to cure jet lag! ;) This may be my new trick, you guys, because my jetlag was more or less gone after I shot the wedding. Win!

Trezzi Farms Greenbluff Wedding // Emily Wenzel Photography

June included a lot of work on the house too! We’ve been crossing off a few small things, but in the major news, we replaced four windows upstairs and now have opening windows in our bedroom! I’d forgotten how nice that is, after 2 summers in this house. :) We also tore out the nasty old carpet in our room to find wood floors, just like my office has (our room, left and the office on the right). The floors are in pretty rough shape, so we debated putting in new carpet, but I think we’re going to repaint the floors and grab a couple area rugs. I’d love to strip the paint and stain them, but there are some pretty serious gouges that need to be filled. Thoughts on colors? We haven’t come to a consensus yet.

Old Home Renovations in Spokane // The Wenzel Haus

Somehow, in all the madness, we also ended up “accidentally” (oops…) peeling off a bit of paint from our bedroom door. At one point, the trim was lavender! H made it clear that our trim will never be lavender, even if that was historic to the house. Haha! It’s okay, I love white trim, and I think the original color underneath that was white.

One day, when Shadow was out at daycare burning off energy, I came downstairs to find Lola like this. Chilling in his bed. She’s pretty sassy when the dog isn’t around. They still aren’t the BFFs I was hoping for, but it’s getting better every day.

My new favorite Haribo! Every time we go to Germany, we try to leave extra space in our suitcase. This time, since we knew we were stocking up, I slipped a duffle bag into one of our suitcases, and we brought back so much new candy and goodies. We’ve eaten most of the Haribo already, but I’m trying to save some of it. These have been my favorite so far.

Lavender trim // cats and dogs // new Haribo flavors


I second shot another wedding over Fourth of July weekend, but managed to carve out a few hours on the 4th to hang out in our backyard with a book and the hammock. I need to do a book roundup soon, but I just have to say that this book – Lost Horizon by James Hilton – was a great unknown to me classic! I had a ton of weddings in July, and I think all I did was shoot weddings and blog previews. I’ve been slowly catching up this week, but I can’t wait to have a little more time to read later this month.

Fourth of July in Spokane // The Wenzel Haus

With it being so hot, I’ve been pretty against eating or cooking a hot lunch. One of my go-to lunches has been yogurt with a little bit of granola and fruit on top. I’ve been rotating through whatever fruit I snag at the farmer’s market. Plums and nectarines have been my favorite so far!

Yogurt // The Wenzel Haus

A few months back, I picked up a Fitbit Charge HR, and I loved being able to track my steps, stairs, and heart rate. But it didn’t fit my wrists very well, and I ended up returning it. Bummer. So in early July, I finally picked up the Fitbit Alta after a review from a friend. It doesn’t track my heart rate or stairs (which turns out, is okay, because the Charge struggled with my shorter than normal old home stairs). This was from the first weekend I got it, but I’ve been loving it! Last week I grabbed a second band for it, and it looks really nice and sharp on a wedding day now. I’ll have to write a full review on it later this summer. :)

What I’ve learned is that, while I’m powering through my steps on the weekends, I don’t get enough steps on weekdays. So we’ve been hitting up the dog park with Shadow a couple times a week, and last Friday, rewarded ourselves with a post-walk trip to The Scoop. Did you know they have doggy ice cream? Shadow got his treat too, and it was a great way to kick off the last weekend of the month – and my first one off in ages!

The Scoop Spokane // Emily Wenzel Photography – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

This post contains Amazon affiliate links, which means I get a little bit of money if you use my link to buy the item. I only recommend products I love (or want), so whether you use the link or not, I hope you find the information useful!