Pre-Wedding Questionnaire

Priest Lake Wedding // Emily Wenzel Photography


  • Your Information

  • What will your names be after the wedding? And where can I mail your USB and albums?
  • Your Wedding

    Here's where we'll collect all the wedding day details - from locations to your schedule - so that I know when we can do photos on your wedding day.
  • If I need to get in touch on the day of, who - besides you - should we contact?
  • Where are you getting ready, getting married, and having the reception?
  • Please include us in your headcount for the meal, but it's not necessary for me/us to have our meal in the main area. It does help us continue to provide you with images and be aware of schedule changes though.
  • A dove release, a gospel choir, a choreographed first dance, etc.
  • Portraits

    A good portion of your wedding day will be spent capturing documentary images of the ceremony and reception. In order to best use our time away from your guests, please answer the following questions. This will help me best structure your portrait time.
  • I recommend at least 30 minutes total, although 45-60 minutes is ideal.
  • I recommend 20-30 minutes, and up to 45 minutes if you have a large wedding party.
  • I recommend no more than 10-15 groupings. Please list out each group by name, ie: 1. Sarah and John + Sarah's Immediate Family: Joy, Sarah's mom, Ron, Sarah's dad, Anna, Joe, and Lisa.
  • I recommend 3-5 minutes per group listed above
  • Including divorced, deceased, or estranged family members; disabilities (ie: limited mobility for family photos); family disagreements; and cultural issues that I might not be aware of.
  • What do you hope for from the photos of just the two of you, and from the whole day?
  • Your Wedding Team

    If you're interested in submitting your wedding to a publication, this makes it easier for me to do so. If you're not, it's still helpful for me, as I can easily share the relevant images with the correct vendors after the wedding.
  • Please give me their names, website, and email address below, including any items that were DIY or done by friends - I want to give them credit too! Typical Vendors: Planner, Venues, Videography, Officiant, Hair & Makeup, Catering, Dessert, Floral, DJ, Band, Clothing and Accessories, Invitations and Paper Goods, Transportation.
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