Thank you

Emily is the absolute best.

“She’ll take photos that represent who you are and what you want. You’ll be able to look at these photos years from now and, thanks to her incredible skill, remember each moment perfectly because she captured them that way! These won’t be like pictures you see of celebrity wedding. They’ll be just as beautiful, but they’ll also be quirky, and unique, and most of all, they’ll be YOU. Don’ think about it any more. Just call Emily and thank me later!”

Emily was so easy to work with!

“We hadn’t met in person before our photo shoot and you never would have known. Emily made us feel so relaxed with easy conversation and really included our 3 year old, even when he was really distracted. We love our pictures and would highly recommend Emily for any photography needs you have! She captured some very precious moments for us as a new family of four.”

They look so amazing!

“Emily, they look so amazing thank you so so much!”

About Me

I’m a weirdly extroverted introvert, who loves art and rules and breaking rules, so I’m terrible at writing about myself – but I’m doing it anyway! I talk in run on sentences, use my hands to illustrate my thoughts even when on the phone, and sometimes, I speak in other languages (Mluvis Cesky? Sprichtst du Deutsch?) when I’m a bit verklempt.