January Recap Post

January Recap Post

Oh my gosh, January feels like it was FOREVER ago. I think it’s because the weather was decent in January, and then got to be so nasty in February. I feel like January was last fall, instead of just two months ago.

Real talk: I was going to lump January and February together, but then I started looking through our vacation photos from Maui and I just wanted to post them all and this post was getting long. So…here’s a long, Hawaii-less winter post! Hahaha, I’ll get to February soon!

1.  Little miss got these Mega Blocks for Christmas and they’re a huge hit. She plays with them almost every day (and loves to Duplos at Grandma’s house just as much). I love that they’re in a bag that she can’t *quite* open on her own yet.
2. I bought another baby carrier. Yes, it’s a problem, and no, I don’t care. This is a wrap conversion Tula, for those of you who care, and it’s so soft and cuddly and worth every dang penny. Also, I’ve sold two carriers this month, so I am doing my best to keep it down!

3. This was the first time we ordered her a meal. And she ate almost all of it. I’m always impressed by how much she tucks away, but then again, I’m also impressed by how she never stops moving during the day. Toddlers have so much energy!

4. The power went out one night – of course right during dinner. So instead of making dinner, we had cheese and crackers by candlelight (and construction flashlight – thanks for the Christmas present, dad!). Then, since the power was off and the temp kept dropping and dropping, we brought little miss into bed with us. Oh, boy. First, we made the rookie mistake of forgetting to check which lights were on, so they all came on at like 3am – haha. Second, we’ve more or less never coslept, because our girl likes her space, and none of us slept very well that night. It was an adventure!
5. When you open the wipes container in your diaper bag and pull a bunch out, and then decide to clean your mama’s desk, you get photographed. Also: I wish I could take credit for those baby blues. #getsthemfromdadsfamily

6. Someday, I’m going to write a post about self care and self employment and motherhood and balance. Until that day, I’m going to try and squeeze in an occasional night out with girlfriends where we eat way too much sugar and laugh so much and dream up crazy plans for businesses and vacations and homes.
7. We got a Mobius membership in January, and we’ve used it a bunch. [Stop taking photos, ma, and just let me rock this seesaw.] I love having a membership because we just pop in for an hour or so, work out some energy, and when she gets cranky, we bounce. And the mess of a water table or rice table doesn’t come into my house. Win!

8. Sometimes I can’t believe how well these two get along. It’s absolutely adorable. She loves to climb into his dog bed and play with him and his toys. Or just climb all over him like a jungle gym.
9. January had a few nice, clear, days, and with next to no snow outside, we took our walker toy out and ran around on the patio with it in the rain chasing the dog.

10. Hikes! You’d think I snapped this photo a couple days ago, except for the fact that my kid is bundled up like crazy. We took a lot of nice, long, walks around the neighborhood in January, trying to get our HIB30 miles in. We did okay, until I got sick and just stopped caring.
11. My friend wrote a play! And it got published! So, I bought a copy. One of my goals this year is to support my friends who create things by buying their work. $$$

12 & 13: Asleep & Awake. I seriously could write a long song to our Clek carseat. N has been in it since birth, she’s rarely hated the car (and the worst trip we ever took, she was in her cheap-o travel seat), and she naps like a boss on road trips. She loves this seat and is always happy to be in it. I also feel like it sits up a lot higher than our other seat, so she can see out the window!

14. We stopped at a toy store and they had GIANT versions of our Jelly Cat bunny and N was in love. She was so bummed when we left without getting her one. Sorry, kid. She kept pulling them off the display and full on body hugging them on the floor. I don’t know why, but this kid loves her bunny!
15. We’ve had Shadow for more than 2 years, and this is one of the first times Lola has slept in his bed with him (she regularly poaches it when he’s not around). It hasn’t happened again since then, but I’m still holding out hope that they will become BFFs.

16. This one is blurry because I was laughing so hard when I took it. N has taken to poaching my scarves, especially my infinity scarves, and wearing them. She then crawled under my desk while I was working and started chatting away while poking at my computer. Luckily, she didn’t turn off my power strip (that time. She’s done it since and now doesn’t get to go near there).

And that was January! I can hardly believe we’re more than halfway through March now!! I need to get the February post up too. Haha, maybe I’ll get it done before April?!?!

October, November, AND December Recap

October, November, AND December Recap

Oh hi. When I fell off the blogging bandwagon, I’d try to start back up, and then I’d get overwhelmed, or the baby would wake up, and I’d just…put it off for the next day. My backlog is SO crazy, but I think I should start small, and maybe it’ll be easier with a few behind the scenes photos? Plus, I gotta get to it, because I gave myself a 2018 post goal, and I love love LOVE crossing goals off my list.

So, here’s a recap of October, November, and December. It’s a long one – and I can’t believe how tiny my girl looks in some of these photos!

1. Like I mentioned in the September recap, we started off the month of October in the Methow Valley, hiking up at Blue lake. It was cold and beautiful and already fall while the leaves still hadn’t started to change back in Spokane.
2. We spent a lot of time at the park in October, getting as much fresh air as possible before it was too cold and dark after H got home from work.

North Cascades Hiking with Baby

3. I did a lot of wrap trading in the fall! It’s so fun to see all the different wraps I used. 🙂 I can barely remember these beautiful days when I went outside without a sweater.
4. N loves her Clek car seat (she is not so much a fan of the lightweight travel seat we use when we fly) but she really loves when we take selfies while we’re waiting for dad to gas up the car.

Babywearing and Travel with Baby in Clek

5. We took N to her first Sounders game in October and it was so much fun! Some of H’s extended family was in the US, so they got to go to their first MLS game as well. And the Sounders won! It’s always more fun when they win. 🙂
6. A long weekend of travel means that someone crashes HARD for naps when she comes home. Usually I can’t sneak in and photograph her (the door squeaks – old house problems!), but I got in for this snap that I love so much.

Baby at Sounders Game and Sleeping Hard

7. Little miss found my stash of Halloween candy and was pulling all the milky way bars out of the bag. She was a little bummed when I wouldn’t let her open any of the noisy plastic!
8. We were pretty regularly getting out for our weekly hikes at Manito back in October (we fell off the wagon in November when we got sick). I’m looking forward to getting out again soon!

Hike It Baby in Spokane, WA9. My grandma passed away in October and it hit me harder than I expected. Processing her loss took more time and space than I had thought I’d need, and contributed to my radio silence on the blog and social media. Long walks with my girl helped a lot.
10. So bored by mealtime, he didn’t even notice the chunk of rice that landed on his ear!

Fall at Manito in Spokane

11. My husband tells me I set the bar too high, but this costume was a dream to make (hat from an Etsy shop that is now closed) and we got so many compliments. I loved my little Hedwig the Snow Owl! Yes, I am a nameless wizard. I should have put a scar on my forehead. Fail. 🙁
12. Checking out her Halloween loot. Of which she got to eat approximately…none. Maybe next year, kiddo!

Hedwig the Snow Owl Halloween Costume


1. This girl loves to “help” me while we work on house projects, like measuring for a new dining table.
2. What do you do when your laundry basket is empty? You pretend it’s a boat and row it around the living room!

Home Renovation with Baby in a Laundry Basket

3. Unless we host Thanskgiving, we’ve been given the duty of making pies. This was my pecan pie, which is H’s favorite. True story: I can’t stand nuts or corn syrup based pies! I’ve never even had a slice of pecan pie, but I make it every year and everyone who has it swears its one of the best they’ve had.
4. Apple pie. Now this is my go to. I use the Streusel topping from Classic German Baking and it turns out fabulously every year.

Pecan and Apple Pies for Thanksgiving

5. More wrap snuggles. N hasn’t been as into wrapping the last few weeks, and now I’m really missing it. She’s too busy exploring right now.
6. We saw a rainbow on Thanksgiving morning, which almost made up for the fact that I felt like death warmed over.

Back carry in PN wovens wrap Eastern Washington rainbow

7. I was taken out by a nasty bug the week of Thanksgiving. I’m still not sure if it was the flu or a cold, but I threw together this leftovers busting turkey noodle soup and it made me feel a little better.
8. I was sick and she was teething, so we did lots of snuggling that week.

Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Soup Wildbird Snow Owl Ring Sling


1. I finally got all the things together to make this more modern Advent wreath for our table. I’ve been dreaming of it for a few years, and I really liked how simple it was!
2. N was thrilled and confused to find chocolate and an orange in her boots on St. Nikolas Day! I had so much fun watching her reaction.

St Nickolas Day in the US // Modern Advent Wreath

3. Little miss helping me bake cookies. We usually back carry while I bake, but she wanted to sit next to me for a bit. I’m planning to make her a learning tower this month, so she can help me in the kitchen.
4. I was able to borrow this beautiful handwoven wrap from River City Weaving for a week and it was a dream. My Instagram Husband is better as a non-IG husband, alas.

Baking with baby // River City Weaving Wrap

5. Visiting Christmas Tree Elegance at the Davenport! We didn’t win anything, but we had fun looking at all the trees and supporting a good cause.
6. Another carry with this dreamy wrap.

Christmas Tree Elegance Babywearing River City Weaving

7. Since N is a December baby, we don’t get a tree until after her birthday. So, the day after her birthday, we went up to Greenbluff Christmas Tree Farm and found a beauty. N was a little unimpressed and almost fell asleep sitting in my seat while Dad strapped the tree on the roof.
8. I am a (Christmas) minimalist, and I love keeping our decor simple. Lots of lights and greenery and simple decorations. The added benefit is that the decorations take up less space, although we had to get another bin this year because we got a bunch more decor. Oops.

Christmas Tree from Greenbluff Spokane WA

9. Like mama, like daughter. This one loves her water bottle, so we got her own for her birthday.
10. Pretty impressed by my bunte teller (colorful plate) skills this year, although some of the credit goes to my Aunt, who sent me a tin of cookies for Christmas. Yes, that makes her my favorite.

Toddler water bottle bunte teller Christmas cookies

11. Post sledding and snow hiking, she was playing with her mittens!
12. It became an unofficial thing that I would take photos of H with a beer and N, starting in February. This was at South Perry Pizza on New Year’s Eve.

New Years Eve Hike and Beer with Baby

Boom! Three months of random stuff. My kid got huge, my house got decorated for the holidays and is now undecorated. We got sick. We got healthy. Then we got sick again. Ugh.

September Recap Post

September Recap Post

Hey all! It’s October, it’s raining today, and I’m working on a million things, but I needed to get this post up today. We’re back to a lot fewer photos…not that September wasn’t a crazy, beautiful month, but little miss has gotten quite adept with messing with my phone, so I’m doing my best to not have it out too much when she’s around. And, while I’d love to share a bunch of cool shots from when I shoot weddings, I never remember to grab my phone and snag a few! I’m really bad that that.

1.  We went over to Seattle for labor day weekend. The weekend started off pretty rocky, with us getting a flat a few miles out, and ended up starting our weekend with four new tires and a sad bank account. We also had to replace our windshield last month, and I think we’re now due for an oil change. BUT at one point, little miss was nursing and I tried to get a photo. She gave me her shoe instead. Thanks, baby girl.
2. It’s hard to capture this little lady’s hair. I think in most light, it looks kinda dark blond, but then the sun hits it and you can see the red in it. It’s also starting to grow in, and get longer. [See also: those eyelashes.]

Traveling with a baby // Emily Wenzel Photography

3. She started sitting up in her crib after naps (and now she stands), which is kind of impressive, since she still sleeps in a sleep sack. I found her like this after a nap. She was giggling and touching the wall.
4. For the dozens of you who’ve asked if our dog does okay with little miss, I give you this photo. He will lay there and let her pull on his collar, his ears, his fur. She’s poked him in the eye with her fingers (sorry, Shadow!) and he very calmly takes it all. He is the greatest friend a babe could ask for and these two are best of friends. She squeals with joy when she sees his face in the morning, and he would do anything to make her happy.

Babies and dogs // Emily Wenzel Photography

5 & 6. It’s no secret that I love the Historic Davenport Hotel. It’s one of my favorite wedding venues. But it wasn’t until last month that I got to stay there overnight! My mom came up for “grandma camp” and stayed at our place with little miss while we got away for dinner and a night off. It was strange and wonderful. The best part was probably ordering room service for breakfast and eating it in bed. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a lazy morning, that’s for sure!

The Historic Davenport Hotel // Emily Wenzel Photography

7. We loaned out one of our ring slings for a few weeks, and after getting it back, we had to get some extra snuggles in it. This is a single linen sling from Wildbird Slings, for anyone who is interested. As soon as we got it back, this lady demanded snuggles.
8. I had a networking event while H was out of town last month, so little miss joined me. It made networking a little more difficult, but I was impressed with her ability to hang out way past her bedtime.

My Wildbird Tanager // Emily Wenzel Photography

9. I traded with a friend for a few weeks and we got to love on this beautiful wrap. It’s a size we haven’t been using a lot lately, so I challenged myself to learn a couple new carries, including this gorgeous double hammock with a candy cane chest belt. As fun as it was, we still love our shorty wrap the most.
10. Little miss helping in the kitchen.

Babywearing Double Hammock CCCB // Emily Wenzel

11. We took advantage of a beautiful Sunday afternoon to get out to Bowl and Pitcher for a short hike. We got a new hiking backpack that little miss hangs out, so dad carries her. It’s great, because I usually have Shadow, and he helps me hike faster so I can keep up with H.
12. Technically, this was on October 1st, but…I don’t care. We were up in the Methow Valley for Heather & Craig’s wedding, and we hiked up to Blue Lake. The weather was quite different from the week before, when it was perfectly sunny and almost summerlike still. We had snow and were bundled up in our down jackets!

Hiking with a Baby // Emily Wenzel Photography

And just like that, it’s October! This month has been quite busy too. I mean, how is it already the middle of the month?! What did you do in September? Did you squeeze in something fun on those last few days of summer?

August Recap Post

August Recap Post

Our anniversary is this weekend, and the last week of August marked the start of about six straight weeks of crazy around here. But August was surprisingly easy going, and full of snuggles and family time. It was great to get a little break from work, and to spend time with my favorite people!

1.  I’ve been looking for a new hobby, so I tried cross stitch. It was pretty fun! I’ve got an embroidery kit waiting for me to start next, but they didn’t include any instructions! Anyone have advice on how to embroider?

2. Our wildbird sling is currently hanging out with a friend, but before it left, we got some extra snuggles in it. I can’t wait to get it back soon! It’s the perfect fall color.

3.  Little miss started regularly going to her nanny in August, which has been a godsend for all of us. I was able to get in and out of the post office without tears and without too many delays. The first day I dropped her off, I felt SO SO weird!

Behind the Scenes - August // Emily Wenzel Photography

4.  Shadow had a little growth, and so when he got it removed, it was cone of shame for a few days. He wasn’t impressed with it. Luckily, the growth wasn’t cancerous or anything, and he’s still doing great.

5. Lola likes to lay down on Shadow’s toys or bones, and then just stare him down. She’s kind of a punk like that. Shadow used to get in big trouble when he’d bother her, so now he just lays there and gets right up in her face! He’ll slowly inch his way closer until she gets annoyed and leaves. He’s still hopeful that they’ll be BFFs, but Lola likes to keep him hanging.

6. Most afternoons, H comes home and we go for a family walk, but when the weather was too hot or too smokey, we try to have some family hang time. On this day though, I had to get a little work done. The view from my desk is pretty distracting though. I love watching these two play and read together!

Behind the Scenes - August // Emily Wenzel Photography

7. We finally got to try out swinging! It was a huge success, and she usually giggles and kicks her legs the whole time she’s in the swing. Of course, she was distracted by a couple dogs when I took this photo. We’ve been trying to walk through the park on our evening walks and stop for a little swing session. Shadow plays in the splash pad, or stares longingly at the squirrels while N swings.

8. We didn’t do anything big for my birthday, but we grabbed dinner at South Perry Pizza and made sure to get a couple selfies afterwards on the back patio. Thirty has been pretty awesome so far, and I’m so lucky to have these two beautiful people in my life.

9. My mom’s birthday is a few days after mine, so we spent some time picking out the perfect recipe from one of my favorite cookbooks. We went with the marble cake, which was perfection.

Behind the Scenes - August // Emily Wenzel Photography

10. Nanny time means I get a chance to get out to a coffeeshop sometimes and do work alone and in peace. It also means I work 1000x faster than I ever thought I could. I’m amazed at how much I can get done during a nap or the afternoons when little miss is at the nanny.

11. On the way back from visiting my parents at their place for my mom’s birthday, we stopped for a break at the rest area. Someone wanted some snuggles…

12. …but then decided she wanted down to practice walking through the grass. Slow down, kiddo! I’m not quite ready for you to walk yet! At least my wrap makes a good scarf too?

Behind the Scenes - August // Emily Wenzel Photography

13. When you get a package in the mail, but the paper it’s packed it in more fun than the gift.

14. Once upon a time, the skies were blue, the weather was perfect, and we went walking around Manito. That hasn’t happened in a while, though. September has been kind of lame.

15. Post-wedding reflection selfie at the Davenport hotel. Every time I shoot a wedding there, I find a new little spot to shoot in!

Behind the Scenes - August // Emily Wenzel Photography

16. These two drinking at the Lantern. On our way back from dinner there, we ran into my old German professor and a college friends’ mom having drinks at the brewery. South Perry, where it can take you 30 minutes to walk 3 blocks. We wouldn’t have it any other way, we love this neighborhood.

17. Practicing her standing skills at the window while waiting for Papa to come home from work.

18. Random neighborhood kitty who decided to take up residence on my front porch. She then moved to the back yard and harassed our dog through the fence. Don’t worry, she was reunited with her people shortly after – and Shadow was very confused by this bold kitty!

Behind the Scenes - August // Emily Wenzel Photography

July Recap Post

July Recap Post

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I’m hoping to take a few minutes to reflect back on the last year, but first I wanted to get this post up! With the heat wave in July, we didn’t get much done. Basically, just tried to survive and then it got smokey and I gave up on blogging.

1. This beautiful PN Wovens wrap is our favorite thing right now. N has been getting better with the back carries, and after I was gone at Maranda & CJ’s wedding at the end of June, she wanted lots of snuggles. Boom.
2. This picture cracks me up, because she loves strawberries. They’re probably her favorite food right now. I don’t blame her! We speak two languages at home – German and English – and so we’ve got baby books in both languages. This one *might* be helping me improve my German too. [And yes, that’s a 10lb weight in the background. We use it to prop the door closed/open at times. Old house problems, my friends.]

Baby wrapping and German language learning // Spokane family photography

3. Another wedding, another afternoon of pumping. The ladies at Commellini Estate were super sweet and found me a private space to pump, but that didn’t stop me from wanting to die in the 102 degree heat. I guess the pump was cooler than snuggling my little lady? I’m really thankful the weather has gotten better.
4. “The girl with the wooden phone.” N loves to chew on this little wooden phone from Haba.

Pumping wedding photographer and baby wooden phone // Spokane lifestyle photography

5. We went down to Portland mid-month, since H had a conference and I needed a smazak. Especially since Tabor is changing owners soon, I needed to say goodbye to my favorite Czech couple in Portland. While killing time with N, we wandered over to the Portland Art Museum, and listened to a guy play a piano for a while.

Portland Art Museum // Portland Wedding Photography

6. One of my favorite pieces of street art in Portland, it’s by the Portland Art Museum.
7. Have baby, will travel. N loves hotel life — it’s probably all the bed snuggles and the hotel pool. 🙂
8. Home again, and just starting to fit into 9-12 month clothing. She’s excited to wear this cute outfit that her German auntie gave her when we visited in May.

Traveling with a baby // Adventure parenting

9. July was a month of naps. This guy was napping hardcore in the middle of the living room after a couple days at boarding while we were in Portland.
10. N has been rolling over and quasi-crawling in her crib for a few weeks now. Which is great, except she was having a hard time going down for naps. When she went from chatting like crazy to silent the other day, I poked my head in to check on her and found this. [She normally sleeps on her side.]

adopt don't shop // babies napping

And like that, July was a wrap!

June Recap Post

June Recap Post

I’m having a moment where I can’t believe that it’s July, that this week marks four years since we moved back to Spokane, and that June is long gone.

We took it pretty easy in June, and did a lot of hanging out around the house, soaking up the nice weather, and going for walks. I’ve been trying to use my phone less, so I don’t have as many photos, but I did find a few for our recap.

1. I was scrolling through my phone early in the month, and saw the photo I’d taken with N when she was just three weeks old, so I decided to replicate it. I’m even wearing a similar outfit (an Everlane tee and black running pants. Basically, my work from home uniform).
2. We started practicing our back carry in June, and are now regularly back carrying. On Sunday, we went up to Eleven Acres farm on Greenbluff, and picked raspberries, while baby wearing. I seriously don’t know how we would have done it otherwise!

Personal Post - June Recap // Emily Wenzel Photography

3. Continuing our theme of recreating photos from December: on the day that N was born, I spent the morning at the car dealership. I took a photo in the full length mirror in their bathroom. So, when I got my oil changed the day before N’s half birthday, we recreated the photo.
4. Cloth diapers make for fun little bums under summer dresses!

Personal Post - June Recap // Emily Wenzel Photography

5. Lola has been getting a bit tired of having her tail snagged by tiny little baby hands. [N loves our pets. She squeals with joy when she sees them.] so she took to hiding on some of the blankets I had tucked on the bottom shelf of the bookcase. Poor kitty.
6. Shadow, on the other hand, thinks that this whole food thing is the greatest. He’s more than happy to help clean the floor up after dinner. Lately though, N has gotten better about not throwing all her food on the floor, which has made him a bit sad.

Personal Post - June Recap // Emily Wenzel Photography

7. We’ve been hitting up Manito on the regular lately with some friends for stroller walks, and the fresh air has been good for both of us. N naps most of the time, and I get to chat with friends. Win!
8. I’m ever so thankful for venue owners who let me show up early and give me a quiet space to pump. Not every part of motherhood has been fabulous, but I’m so grateful my body has been able to nourish this tiny human for so long!

Personal Post - June Recap // Emily Wenzel Photography

And just like that, it’s July!