All of my weddings are amazing weddings, in beautiful places. In quaint little churches and at wineries. On islands, in big cities, and in little towns. They are fantastic and wonderful couples, who have fantastic and wonderful weddings. But. If you’re getting married, and you fall into one of these categories…let’s chat. 

Updated 3/9/16.

–A boat wedding. I’d really love to shoot a wedding on the MV Skansonia, but I think a sailboat or houseboat wedding would be cool as well.
–New Year’s Eve wedding. Bonus points for fireworks.
–A winter wedding in the snow.
Same-sex wedding. Aug 2014
A wedding where the bride wears a dress that isn’t white.  Sept 2015
–Courthouse wedding. There are some stunning courthouses out there just begging to be the backdrop for your wedding.
–An elopement! Feb 2016
Backyard wedding. July 2013
An ethnic wedding. Indian, Asian, Mexican, etc. Nov 2015
Food truck at a wedding.  Oct 2013

Schweitzer Mountain
The Davenport Hotel  Oct 2015
Chateau Rive
Arbor Crest Winery July 2016
Camden Ranch Sept 2014
SoDo Park
Within Sodo Aug 2014
St. Aloysius Church July 2014
Cave B Inn July 2016

Far Away (in no particular order):

–The United States – California, Montana, South Carolina, North Carolina, Michigan, Arizona, the Boston area (or Cape Cod), Colorado, Hawaii.
–Europe – Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Italy & Greece top my list, but I’m not picky.
–Pretty much anywhere else I can get a visa to. Mexico, the Caribbean, Asia, Africa. Antarctica (that would be amazing.)

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