Now Open: 2015 Photography Internship

// UPDATE 8/26/15: Although the 2015 wedding season is almost over, if you are interested in an internship with Emily Wenzel Photography, you may contact me at for more information. Please include a link to your portfolio and any relevant information. Thanks!


This year, for the first time, I’ve decided to bring on an intern for the summer. This internship will be for the 2015 summer season (May-October), and you’ll be working alongside me at my weddings, learning about wedding photography and how to run a small business.

You Are:

1. Someone who wants to learn. You can be new(er) to photography, but I want someone who has a passion for photography and handle a blunt critique of your work. You should have a DSLR camera and be able to use it on manual. [This is negotiable.]

2. Available May-October, with a 5-15 hour/week commitment. Usually there will be a wedding on Saturday, along with a weekday meeting. Some weeks may be more, some may be less.

3. Cat loving. We’ll often be working from my home office, where my cat assumes that she’s the real boss.

4. Professional, personable, and well spoken. You will be coming to weddings with me and representing Emily Wenzel Photography.

5. PC literate and Adobe savvy.

+ Bonus points: you like Taylor Swift or Imagine Dragons, you’re a fan of yoga, and/or you love chocolate.

Eastern Washington Wedding Photographer // Emily Wenzel Photography
The internship is:

1. On Location. You’ll come to me at weddings, assisting (holding gear, making babies smile, etc) and occasionally shooting.

2. In office. We’ll talk about workflow, marketing, post-processing, and I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

3. Practical. You’ll be shooting at weddings, engagement sessions, and occasionally with me. You’ll also be in front of the camera.

4. Educational. After each wedding, we’ll sit down and go over some of your images to improve your shooting.

5. Payment is DOE. This is most likely going to be an unpaid internship. However, there may be some pay for shooting, TBD based on your abilities.


To apply, send me an email with a link to your portfolio & a resume. I’ll be considering applications through the end of April.  –>

Intimate Backyard Wedding // Emily Wenzel Photography

What if I don’t live in Spokane?

The location is a bit negotiable, but you’ll need to be able to travel to Spokane for weddings and coaching.

Can I get college credit?

If that’s something you’re interested in, we’ll work with your school to see what we can work out.

How do I send you my portfolio?

If you don’t have a portfolio already hosted online, I suggest putting together 10-15 of your best images in a dropbox folder and sending me the link to that.

Have a great day!