I open the tab to post something here, or on almost any media form, and find myself overwhelmed.

I’ve seen people take a “break” before, and thought, “I don’t need to do that, I’ve got more self control.” Lately, I’ve felt drained by it though, the pouring of my life into the internet. Between a nasty cold, and things around the house, my to do list keeps growing, and I have more unfinished posts than I know what to do with. It gets to the point where I spend hours upon hours avoiding writing, or working on any to-do list project, because I don’t know where to start.

Then I look at my schedule, oh boy. My calendar is crazy this month, with the days I’m out of town nearly outnumbering the ones I’m home. My suitcase is never fully unpacked, and the mail has been stacking up. Hey friends, sorry I’ve been neglecting you too.

So, a break might be good.

Time for me to focus on the building blocks of my business – photos and editing them – and leave the social media for another day. Here’s to a few weeks off, and maybe a little more clarity. I’ll be back in June, and of course, you’ll be able to reach me via email: emily@emilywenzel.com.

Bastyr University Chapel Wedding // Emily Wenzel Photography

PS – I’m fully booked through July for weddings, but I still have availability for August-October weddings! I’d love to hear from you.