Macro Fun — My Engagement Ring

I love macro photography. And I love my engagement ring. So why not combine the two?

Engagement Ring Photography
Engagement Ring Photography
Engagement Ring Photography
…and for those who are wondering, my ring was custom designed by Danny (who brought my ideas to life) at Joseph’s Jewelry in Old Downtown, Bellevue. They do all their designs and make the rings in house and are wonderful, sweet, loving men. They put up with my constant questions, changes in the design and loved my cookies. They also don’t know I’m saying nice things about them. They do great, quick repairs too (they’ve fixed a necklace and pair of earrings for me). I wholeheartedly recommend them and love their work.
(Joseph’s Jewelry has NO idea I wrote this. Unless they found it by doing a search. Which many of you have done. They never offered me any compensation for blogging about my ring. I just love it (and them) THAT much.)
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