I ordered my first sample album just before the bridal show, showing off Alaine & Dan’s beautiful Mazama Ranch House wedding, mostly because I’m in love with that venue. I’m a sucker for barn weddings, what can I say?

I’ve heard great reviews about Red Tree albums, so I knew I wanted to go with them for my albums, and they did not disappoint. Originally, I had every intention of photographing the box it came in and all that jazz, but then it was late (UPS showed up after 9pm) and I tore open the packing box like it was Christmas morning. The album comes in a great box, which it’s currently stored in, sitting on a shelf in my office. Every album comes with a fuzzy fabric sleeve, designed to keep your wedding album safe and clean. And the album fabric. Oh boy.

Red Tree offers silk and linen fabric covers and beautiful leather covers. When Melissa of Apple Brides stopped by my Bridal Festival booth, she said it best: it’s pet-able. It really is. This fabric is so fantastic and rich feeling, I knew I’d picked the right company. Such great texture and rich color. And the pages! They’re the most important part. These pages are thick and shiny, and so so vibrant. Personally, I usually prefer matte pages, so I was a bit worried. But after having hundreds of brides pages through this book at the bridal show, you can’t even see a fingerprint. I’m a convert to the shiny pages. I could not be happier with my choice of album company.

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This book contains my standard, 10 spreads (20 pages) and they’re seamless pages (no break in the middle) that lay flat, so your photos have a minimal crease. SO pretty. If you’ve booked with me in the past, shoot me an email to find out what they’ll run. New clients? I’ll be bringing this baby to every consult. And resisting petting the fabric cover ;)