Happy Thanksgiving!

I did something crazy this year. I volunteered to host both our families for Thanksgiving. Oh, and we’re remodeling. And we adopted a puppy just over a week ago.

Officially crazy.

However, my awesome younger brother came up last weekend to help us get a good amount of work done, and we’re back to having our sofa in the living room instead of the dining room. H is no longer working crazy hours (as of…today) because almost everyone has power again, and the end is in sight. Win.

And besides that, it snowed yesterday, and I know there is pie in the not-too-distant future, and it’s time for my annual Black Friday sale! It’s the biggest sale of the year, and it’s crazy good. You’ll save 30% on all your print and canvas orders through your galleries. Or, if you’re looking for something pretty for your walls, check out my Fine Art collection. I cannot stress enough about how important it is to get prints of your photos. It’s so much more fun to enjoy them on your walls than on your Facebook wall.

The process is simple: add all the prints you like to your cart, and enter the code BLACKFRIDAY at check out. And then enjoy. If your gallery has already been closed, just email me, and I’ll reinstate it for the length of the sale.

Black Friday Print Sale // Emily Wenzel Photography