Happy Halloween! Informal poll here: what’s your favorite (Halloween) candy? And do you sneak them out of the mix before the kids show up to eat them all? ;)

Last weekend, H and I spent the evening at the Odyssey Youth Masquerade, running their photo booth. We had a blast checking out everyone’s costumes and not winning anything in the silent auction. :D Plus, in between shooting all the lovely people there, I threw on the timer and snapped a couple of us, and the amazing costumes we threw together. Because he’s my “partner in crime”. ;)

I’m terrible at thinking up costumes, probably because every female costume is either a movie star or something “sexy” and October in Spokane isn’t exactly *warm*. I had great plans to decorate, but with us still (sadly, annoyingly) in the middle of renovation work on the house, it’ll be pretty low key again this year. At least I bought an orange light bulb for the porch. And we carved pumpkins!

Here’s to hoping we get lots of trick-or-treaters, because if no one shows up, I’ll end up eating all the candy myself. [Milky way, by the way, is my Halloween candy of choice.]

Happy Halloween // Emily Wenzel PhotographyHappy Halloween // Emily Wenzel Photography