Happy Halloween, friends! We celebrated with the Odyssey Youth Movement last weekend by running their photobooth yet again, and this time, we rocked a gold sequin background. I don’t typically offer a photobooth, but it’s been a blast and I think I might start offering them for 2017. What do you think???

Oh, and I’ve had a couple questions about 2017 lately. I’m still taking weddings for 2017!! I’m going to cut back a bit next year, in order to adjust to life with a little one, and I’ll be taking off from shooting for a few months of “maternity leave” this winter (does a small business owner ever really get maternity leave???), but I’m not giving up photography! I’m not shooting in December-February, but I’ll be back at it sometime in March, and I know that things will fill up quickly for the spring, so if you’re thinking of getting a family session on the books for next year, touch base with me ASAP. I’ll be taking a few less weddings in 2017, which means June and July are already getting close to being booked up.

That said, back to Halloween! Costumes are a lot harder when you’ve got an eight month baby belly to dress as well, but I found this adorable shirt from Mamagama Maternity and knew exactly what our costumes would be this year. I’m already scheming for costumes for a family of THREE next year. Holy smokes, you guys, this is starting to feel real. I’ve just got to carve a pumpkin tonight before the trick or treaters show up…or maybe I’ll eat all the candy before then and turn the lights off? 😉

Superhero Maternity Costume // Captain America Costume MaternityMaternity Costume Captain America // Mamagama MaternityCaptain America Maternity Costume // Emily Wenzel Photography