I know that planning a wedding is a crazy experience. You’re expected to flawlessly throw the largest, most complicated party of your lives, while not knowing anything about the inner workings of weddings before the day you got engaged. I started this series because I wanted to provide a way for brides and grooms to navigate the system with ease and clarity. A way to answer some of those questions you’re dying to ask, but don’t know how to ask them. Got a topic you’d like me to talk about? Post a comment on any Tips for Clients post, and I’ll add it to my list! xoxo, E.


Hey my lovelies!

It’s October – wait, what?! – and I’m starting to have time to work on the things I put on my to-do list back in the spring. Things that aren’t shooting and editing weddings, or meeting with my couples. It’s been an awesome summer, but I always look forward to the fall too. It’s time to recharge, for me to look back and look forward, and maybe even make it to the gym. ;)

One of the things I’ve wanted to do is start an ongoing series with some questions I get occasionally. Not so that you stop asking them, but so that you’ve got another resource. Honestly, there are no stupid questions, and I love being a resource to my couples as they plan their wedding. You’re, most likely, only going to do this once, but I’m at a dozen or more weddings every year.

Fall Wedding Photography // Emily Wenzel Photography

– How much photography time do I really need? Are you just trying to sell me more?

This is a fantastic question! Honestly, it depends on two things: your budget and your wedding. I’m not big on sales at all, and some of my couples can attest to my talking them into less time. Honestly, it’s much better to have me around for fewer, more awesome, hours than have me in the way while the hair stylist is curling your hair. Honest.

I always recommend checking out this guide on picking your photography package that I put together, so that you can get an idea of what is the “most common” use of time during a wedding day. The majority of my couples go with 7 hours of coverage, because it’s going to get you all the highlights without breaking the bank. But I often sit down with my couples when we meet, and we talk about their photography priorities. I’ve shot small, backyard weddings in only two hours, and spent more than nine hours at other weddings. I want to make sure that you don’t feel rushed, and that we capture all those moments that you’re going to cherish. If that means I hang out with you while you get your hair done, or your partner plays pool, then that’s what we do. Or if it means we take a bunch of time to drive all over for portraits, we can do that too!

Couple's Winter Shoot // Emily Wenzel Photography

– Is this really your full time job?

Yup! I know it doesn’t seem like photographing weddings all summer long is enough to keep me busy year round, and it’s true that I have a little more free time in the winter than in the summer, but it’s a full time job! There’s a lot of stuff that comes along with owning a business that isn’t photographer. Which sometimes is lame, but I kind of enjoy it too? I know, I’m crazy! Right now, there’s a stack of paperwork waiting for me to file, but I just haven’t had time to do so. There are always blog posts to write and emails to send and projects that I’m dreaming of getting to. There’s marketing to research and a wedding show to plan for. There’s always at least five things on my to do list that never seem to get done, and to me, that feels like the definition of full-time work. It’s not the highest paying job out there, and I could make more money working elsewhere, but I love what I do and don’t plan to change anything any time soon!

Behind the Scenes // Emily Wenzel Photography

– What kind of cameras do you have?

Big, heavy, expensive, ones! :) Haha. Whenever H looks at my tax paperwork, he wants to know why I need such expensive cameras. Because they’re shiny! In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter which brand of cameras I use, just that they’re not going to break, and that I have a backup, but for the photography geeks out there…I shoot with two Canon 5D Mark IIIs. That’s pretty much top of the line (yeah, there’s a newer camera out there, no I don’t plan to upgrade), they’re great cameras, and there are two big reasons I love these particular cameras. First, they’re awesome in low light, which is great for churches and barns and those late night moments. Second, they’ve got two memory cards. This is the real reason I upgraded! I am paranoid about losing photos, so each photo I take is saved on two memory cards at the same time (ahhh, technology!) so from the very moment I take your photo, I have a backup. They’re then transferred to two hard drives (one on my computer, one backup) so that nothing should happen to your memories.


What other random things would you like to know – about photography? weddings? business? Ask away!


Last set of photos of me by the lovely & talented Kate Ford.