In My Bag

Chances are, you're on this page because you're a fellow photographer or an inquisitive client who wants to know what kind of gear I have. I truly believe that equipment doesn’t make you a photographer, it's how you use the gear, and your experience. BUT let's talk about geeky camera gear right now.

First, this is the gear I use. It may not be what your best friend or uncle uses, or the guy from National Geographic, or what you should use. Each situation and photographer is different. 

Second, most of the links on this page are affiliate links. They earn me a small amount of cash when you shop through them. But these are all things I use, or similar items if they’re no longer available, and I would never link to or recommend something I didn’t love. 

Questions about gear shopping, learning to use your new camera, or mentoring? Reach out to me by email:

The Cameras

I shoot all my weddings on a pair of Canon 5D Mark III bodies. There are a lot of different cameras out there, but I've always been partial to Canon* and I love these bodies for a two specific reasons.
-- They're good in low light. This is super important for church weddings, but has also been important for low light receptions too.
-- Dual card slots. I take my clients' photo security seriously, and so I use two memory cards (recording the same thing) in my cameras. 

Sometimes, you'll see me shooting with a film camera - either my Nikon FG-20, or my Fuji Instax camera - but the bulk of my work is done with a Canon 5D Mark III.

*I started in photography shooting with a Canon Rebel Xti. The Canon Rebel series is a great beginner camera, the Canon Rebel T6i is the most recent camera. 

My Lenses

I shoot with all prime lenses - that means they don't zoom - and it's a personal preference. The slideshow has an example from each of the lenses, all shot on a Canon 5D Mark III.

Currently, I carry the following lenses in my bag:
-- Canon 35mm f/1.4 - this lens is perfect for those wide open shots, cramped wine cellars, and crowded dance floors.
-- Canon 50mm f/1.4 - a great portrait lens, I use this a lot for details and couples photos.
-- Canon 85mm f/1.8 - one of my favorite reception lenses, and also great for portraits, especially when I have more space. 
-- Canon 135mm f/2.0 - my favorite ceremony lens, I also like to use this for portraits.

Other Gear

Besides cameras & lenses, I usually have the following things with me as well.
-- A pair of Canon Speedlight 600EX-RT flashes and a Yongnuo wireless trigger to light up dark reception venues.
-- Two light stands (for the flashes) and umbrellas. They attach to the light stands with a special cold shoe mount.
-- A set of reflectors, for those tricky lighting situations.
-- Lots and lots of rechargable batteries.

How I Carry It

All my cameras, lenses, and flashes currently fit in an Think Tank Airport 4 Sight, which is no longer available. The Think Tank Roller Derby is the closest bag in size and style. 

On wedding days, I use a double camera holster system, called the Camera Swagg, to carry two cameras at the same time. I used to use the leather version of this strap, the Moneymaker, but switched to the Swagg because it's lighter. In addition to that, I'll either carry my ONA bags Chelsea or ONA bags Bowery with lenses, extra batteries, and other little bits of gear.

I currently carry my light stands, light umbrellas, and a few regular umbrellas in an old duffle bag. I'm comtemplating getting one of these bags, and I'll update this if/when I do.