How many images do I get?
On average, I deliver 50-75 images per hour of shooting. My goal is to deliver roughly 1 image/minute of coverage. Sometimes it’s more than that, sometimes less.

Do you have albums?
Yes! I offer beautiful heirloom albums through a wonderful company that makes their albums by hand, here in the USA. Any couples who booked a wedding before I offered albums will have the option of adding the album on to their package. If that is something you’re interested in, please let me know when you book! I’m super excited to offer albums, because as nice as computers are, there is something so timeless about holding an album full of wedding pictures in your hands.

Do you charge for travel to North Idaho?
Nope! I consider North Idaho to be part of the greater Spokane area. I also don’t charge travel for the greater Seattle area, or most parts of Washington state. Contact me for more details!

What gear do you use? Do you have insurance?
I shoot with all Canon gear. I have both a Canon 5D and 5D Mark II, as well as a 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm. I also have flashes, but prefer the look of natural light, so I rarely use them — except for dancing! I have a very nice insurance policy, and if your venue asks, I’m happy to show I have liability coverage.

Have you shot at my venue?
I might have. There are a lot of venues in Spokane, so many that I haven’t even heard of them all. Don’t worry though! Some of my favorite shots have come from new-to-me venues, because it’s a change of pace.

What do I wear for my engagement/family session?
I always recommend that first off, you wear something you’re comfortable and happy in. Because if you’re wearing something you don’t love, no matter how nice it is, you won’t be comfortable and that will show. I recommend that not everyone wear the same color, or that you wear opposite colors (red & green, black & white) because of the strong contrast. If you’re not sure, you can bring a couple things with you and we can pick them together!

 Still have questions? Send me an email!

Methow Valley Wedding Photographer