I’ve been working on getting my Christmas shopping all done early, since I’m not sure when baby Wenzel is arriving — it’s officially baby month as of today. Oh gosh, I really need to pack my hospital bag. Haha! I’ve been seeing a bunch of cute stuff that I want to buy for me. Some of it, I’ve picked up for my friends and family too, but it’s been hard not to Christmas shop for myself too! If you’re shopping for a photographer, creative person, entrepreneur, or my doppelganger, you might want to grab some of these fun things.
Gifts for Wedding and Portrait Photographers // 2016 Christmas Gift Guide

  1. Like most photographers, I’m a sucker for silly gifts that remind me of my business. So I love this sweet camera ornament from Old World Christmas. Bonus: Old World Christmas is based in Spokane, and they have an outlet store here. We’re planning to check it out this week!
  2. It’s common knowledge that I love cake, especially wedding cake. So when I saw this shirt from Strawberry Revolution, I knew it was going on my wishlist. I love all the styles, but I think the sweatshirt will be perfect for lazy days with baby Wenzel this spring. And #weddingphotographer, so perfect. I want to be clear. I don’t really do this for the cake, but it’s a great bonus! [PS – just to be clear, I am “pro baked goods” and do not discriminate against cookies, pies, cupcakes, tarts, or other desserts either.]
  3. I’ve said before how much I love my fitbit Alta, and I especially love that I can change out the bands. I’ve got the teal band and a grey leather one, but I’m eyeing this bracelet style band, or maybe the tan leather one too? I need one to go with every outfit, of course!
  4. I don’t wear much jewelry, but I stumbled across these really neat necklaces made out of old lenses in this Etsy shop, and I immediately added one to my list. How cool are these???
  5. My office keeps moving around the house as we renovate – as of right now, my desk has been in five (or maybe six?) different locations throughout the house – and I’ve learned that having a few things up on the walls makes it feel much less temporary. Right now, I’ve got some files and my wall calendar up, but I think I might need to find a space for this cool camera chart or this beautiful vintage camera print in the spring.

Gifts for Creatives & Home Renovators // Christmas Gift Guide 2016

  1. I came across these bar necklaces on Etsy while looking for a gift for my mom, and I love them. I’m debating what I’d put on one: the date of my wedding? Maybe the longitude and latitude of our wedding venue? Baby Wenzel’s birthdate or name? So many options!
  2. Not only do I love these cutting boards, and I want both the Washington and Germany one, but I think these would make an awesome wedding gift. It’s so beautiful though, would I even use it?
  3. I checked this book out from the library a few months back, and I absolutely adored looking through it. It’s a great book for anyone interested in old homes, architecture, or if you’re renovating. I feel like I know a lot more about the style of my home (and other homes I see around town) now that I’ve looked through it. Now that our bookcases are more or less finished, I have more space for books – and this one tops my list!
  4. If we’ve met in person, I’ve probably raved about my love of Stitch Fix. It seriously has made my life so much easier, especially because I’m terrible at shopping and I hate the mall. They even have maternity clothes, and yes, about 90% of my maternity wardrobe has come from them. If you’re going to shop for someone else, grab them a gift card to Stitch Fix (or uh, sign up yourself using my referral code) so they can snag some cool new clothes in 2017.
  5. Last year, I stumbled across Skida, and promptly fell in love with their hats. I ended up ordering a few for us last winter, and to give as Christmas gifts. I love that they’re made in Vermont, that by using this code, you can donate a hate to a cancer facility when you buy one for yourself, and that they’ve got amazing customer service. They accidentally oversold the hat my husband wanted, and were so sweet about calling us and figuring out a replacement solution. H wears his all the time for running, and I live in mine when walking the dog. We’ve got the Nordic hats, but I’ll probably be adding an Alpine hat or two to my winter wardrobe this year.




*Note: This post contains affiliate links, but I would never, ever, recommend something I didn’t either want myself, or already own. Got questions? Feel free to drop me a message or leave a comment, I’m more than happy to help out in any way possible!