I had a couple fantastic shoots last week. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you probably saw a couple sneak peeks. I had planned to post one of them for you this week, but I’ve fallen a bit behind with the moving and unpacking.

[sidenote: moving in the snow is HARD.]

So instead, I’ve got another great Tips for Clients post for you. This one I wrote for the ladies over at Applebrides.

Featured Post on Applebrides

Congratulations! You’ve survived the first few weeks (or months) of being engaged. You’ve made some of the big decisions, but now you’re overwhelmed by what comes next. You’ve contacted a few photographers and are looking at their packages. Now comes the hardest part of picking a wedding photographer: picking your photography package.

You can read the rest of my piece on Applebrides. And remember, there is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to wedding planning. Your wedding schedule and photography needs may look completely different than what I’ve shown in the article. And that’s okay. These are just averages of what people tend to look for.

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