Rafting the Deschutes — Maupin, OR

In August, we escaped for a weekend away with my family to Eastern Oregon. We drove down to Maupin, and spent a couple days in the area, rafting the Deschutes River and visiting Hood River. We ate lots of good food and soaked up the sunshine. The trip was far too short, and I’m already scheming about when we’ll fit it in next year. On our way home, we swung by the Columbia Gorge Discovery Museum just outside the Dalles. The first two photos are from our raft trip, taken with the little waterproof camera. The rest are from the museum, which I’d totally visit again. The museum caught my eye when we drove down to Maupin,so we stopped on our way back. They have some great displays of early native American work, along with a cool interactive exhibit hall depicting early life on the Columbia.

Side note(s): we rafted the Deschutes with Imperial Rafting Company. It’s the second time we’ve rafted the Deschutes (the first time was in 2006), and both times, I’ve loved the service and people at IRC. We also stayed at their hotel and the location can’t be beat. Also, if you’re in Hood River at breakfast time, I highly recommend Egg River Cafe. It’s busy, but good. Neither company has any idea I’m saying nice things about them, but I had to say them all the same.

Rafting the DeschutesRafting the DeschutesColumbia Gorge MuseumColumbia Gorge MuseumColumbia Gorge MuseumColumbia Gorge MuseumColumbia Gorge MuseumColumbia Gorge Museum

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Looking for the Light — Spokane Wedding Photography

You guys.

We spent three years in the Seattle area. And shortly after we arrived, I realized I was going to have trouble adapting. It was the light. Gone were the clear blue skies that seemed to go on forever. It was all trees. Lots of gray and rain.

But now, now I’m back in the light. And it calls to me.

We used to drive over the pass — to my parent’s home, to Spokane — and when we’d get to a point, between Easton and Thorp, I’d always tell H to look at the light. I don’t think he understood what I was talking about. Even in the rain, Eastern Washington’s light is different. And in the winter? When it snows and then the sun comes out? So bright it blinds you? That’s something I missed. Blue skies, white powder, flying down the mountains. Oh, yes. That light is right.

It’s soft and elegant. It’s warm and clear. And it’s so right.

Even now, on a crisp fall day, as the leaves are just starting to turn (and I cannot wait for crisp fall leaves), it’s clear and bright.

Yes, I miss Seattle. But this light? Oh this light. I’ve been looking for the light for three years.

It’s good to be home.

Camden Ranch Wedding Photography
Methow Valley Wedding Photography

Top photo: from a shoot I did at the beautiful Camden Ranch in Elk, WA for Applebrides. 10 minutes before that photo, it was pouring. Bottom: Alaine & Dan‘s gorgeous Mazama wedding. I can’t wait to share more from both shoots!

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