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Featured! — Spokane River Styled Shoot // Artfully Wed

You know that kid on Christmas morning is is oh, so excited that they’re bouncing? That’s how I’ve felt about sharing this shoot. I’ve been feeling that way about this shoot, ever since pretty much the day we shot it last July. Patience is not my strong suit. So, I’ve had today on my calendar for a while!!

Please head over to Artfully Wed, to see their favorites from this shoot, and I’ll be back with all my favorites in a few weeks.

Spokane River Styled Shoot // Post Fall // Emily Wenzel Photography

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[…] been six months, so you probably don’t even remember how, back in February, this beautiful shoot was featured on Artfully Wed. I said I’d blog a few of my favorites in a few weeks. […]

Two Years in Our House — Personal Post // Spokane Wedding Photographer

My realtor texted me (and sent the sweetest card) earlier this month to wish use a happy two year “House Anniversary”. And today, this week, this month, it is happy. We’re finally working on some fun projects (as opposed to things like: a new furnace, 22 feet of sewer line, a hot water heater, etc.), and we can finally see the work we’re doing, instead of it being buried underground or hidden in the basement, or deep inside our walls. I was going to take some better progress photos for you, but we’re in the middle of working on our pantry, and there are dried goods stacked all over our home. Once we get a couple of those projects taken care of, I’ll be back with an update!

On the outside, our home looks much like it did on the day we bought it. This photo, taken in all the December snow, looks very similar to the weekend we got the keys. We tried to *not* do much work to the house the first year we lived there, because we wanted to get a feel for the place. We tore out a bunch of dead plants/weeds, but haven’t replaced them yet. We did replace the front door last fall, and it’s GORGEOUS. We found a lovely door, and I finished it out myself. It was a lot of work, but looks amazing. It got cold before I could paint the trim, so that still needs work (and yes, I blurred our address out). We’ve got new windows for up top, and once those are replaced, I can plant things in the flower beds.


Since we bought our home as foreclosure, there were no appliances in it. In the past two years, we’ve purchased a fridge, stove, washer & dryer. We also replaced the furnace, and the hot water heater. Oh, and 22 feet of sewer line (photo below). Which is why we don’t have a dishwasher yet – haha. :( After being unable to pee in my own home for almost a week, I am very very grateful for indoor pluming, and I know that dishwasher is coming soon. PRO TIP: Unless you buy a house with brand new sewer and water lines, and there aren’t any trees nearby, I’d recommend getting extra insurance on your sewer and water lines. You don’t need to know how terrible it is when these things don’t work.


We’ve tried to reclaim some of the backyard from the weeds that had taken over while it was empty. I’ve spent countless hours digging up weeds and trying to keep the grass alive. We built a couple of the raised beds, and grew a bumper crop of tomatoes and zucchini last summer, which is all due to the fact that H put the garden water on a timer. Those tomatoes (in the front bed) were almost 5 feet tall by the end of the year (this photo was in May). In contrast, our first summer here, I grew one tomato plant, and got 2 tomatoes.


We haven’t done much work to our upstairs, although we did tear out the carpet in my office last spring. I got a little bit demo happy, and also decided to tear apart the built in bookcase (I can hear you all freaking out, but it wasn’t original) because the back sounded funny. Turns out, in the early 1950s, there was a CLOSET here. They covered it up and put in a larger closet on the other side of the room. I know this, because we found monopoly money in here which is from the first run of the game (pre 1953), plus a pencil with the name of a girl who lived here then. This room is on the to do list for 2016!


Last fall, we wanted to do a little work on our living room. Which spiraled into a lot of work. This is apparently the story of home renovation. It went from “fix the walls and paint” to all new electrical, a new door, and so much more. BUT! The living room is done, except for the built-in bookcases, and some trim needing paint, which now that it’s warming up, we’ll work on. Using a table saw in the snow isn’t fun. This was taken after we’d rewired everything, and we were working on skim coating all the walls.


This year, we’ve already redone our bathroom! We’re also working on the pantry, and have quite a few projects planned for 2016. I’m planning to update more with non-phone photos, but if you want to follow along with more of our renovation stuff, check out my Instagram feed.

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Tips for Clients — How to Talk About Privacy // Emily Wenzel Photography

I know that planning a wedding is a crazy experience. You’re expected to flawlessly throw the largest, most complicated party of your lives, while not knowing anything about the inner workings of weddings before the day you got engaged. I started this series because I wanted to provide a way for brides and grooms to navigate the system with ease and clarity. A way to answer some of those questions you’re dying to ask, but don’t know how to ask them. Got a topic you’d like me to talk about? Post a comment on any Tips for Clients post, and I’ll add it to my list! xoxo, E.


Cataldo Mission Wedding // Emily Wenzel Photography

It feels like everyone is on the internet, and all over the internet. My grandma has a Facebook page (she never posts anything), and my friend’s dog has his own Instagram (he’s quite the star), so how do you – politely – tell your wedding professionals that, for whatever reason, you’d like to keep your wedding off of social media, or the internet in general. Maybe you’ve had issues with someone online in the past, your job requires you to keep a low profile, or you’re just a private person.

I’ll talk about photographers the most today, because I can speak from experience here, but I imagine most of these tips and tactics will work with all your wedding providers.

A few things to remember:

  1. Be honest with your wedding professionals from the beginning. Be very clear about what you are and are not comfortable with. If you come back later with requests, there can be confusion.
  2. Read the contract! My contract has a fairly conservative model release, which says I can use your images on my website, and for my advertising, but check the contract for each provider. No one has the same contract, and you may need to ask for clarification or changes. No contract? Stay away.
  3. Be aware that, if you’re very private, you may have to say goodbye to wedding professionals you wanted to work with. Showing our real weddings (for any wedding professional) is how we book more weddings. Some wedding professionals will charge you more, in order to counter that lost revenue, some will just decide not to take you on as a client. Don’t take it personally. If you never want a single image from your wedding or engagement session to be seen on the internet, you need to be clear with all your wedding professionals.
  4. Be consistent. If your photographer isn’t supposed to post on Facebook, tell that to your venue, florist, caterer, etc, too. Nothing irks me more than respecting a client’s wishes, only to see another professional posting images in the same arenas where I was asked not to post.
  5. Know what you’re asking for. I had someone come to me once, wanting “all the copyrights” to the images. That’s something I don’t give, because I reserve the right to edit images later, and they are my art. If I gave my clients the copyright to their images, legally, I wouldn’t be allowed to even edit the images, or post them to their galleries. That’s a bit silly, isn’t it? Instead, my clients get printing rights, which means they can print their photos for personal use, and I still get to edit them and make them beautiful. By the way, the client that wanted “all the copyrights” to his images? He really just wanted to be able to print them. :)


Ruby Engagement Ring // Emily Wenzel Photography

First, take the time to make a plan. You need to know what you’re okay with having online, and what you’re not okay with. Maybe it’s okay that your wedding professionals use your photos on their website, but you don’t want them on social media. Maybe you’re okay with photos that don’t show your faces. Or with the photos being used, as long as they don’t have your names. Maybe you’re okay with having your photos shared, but you want to respect your guests’ privacy. It’s important to know exactly what you’re looking for, so that you can clearly talk about this with your wedding providers.

One couple I had was very private about social media. They were okay with me posting things on my website, but they didn’t want me to submit their wedding to any blogs, or to post details about their wedding on social media. The couple above asked me not to use their names or faces online. So I nicknamed them “Kate & Leo“, and we  were still able to submit both their wedding and engagement session to Apple Brides, and keep their privacy. One couple asked me to keep the photos with PDA to a minimum, as one had a very professional job.

Winthrop Wedding // Emily Wenzel Photography

As I said earlier, privacy is a huge issue for people, and I know that! I choose to put myself, my work, and my life out there, but not everyone does. My husband is an incredibly private person, and I do my best to respect that. You should have wedding professionals who respect your privacy, but you also need to remember that our portfolios are an important part of bringing in clients – that’s often how you found us!

Got a question you’d like answered? Feel free to post it below, or find me on Facebook or Instagram!

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