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January 2016 // Recap — Personal Post

For 2016, I’m hoping to do monthly recaps. To see the year in smaller chunks, and to remember what happened. I feel like my life is speeding by, faster and faster, and I’m trying to slow down. I want to remember the highlights of each month as they happen, and since I’ve given up on having the chance to journal regularly like I did as a teen, I’ve resorted to this.


    1. My body decided to ring in the new year with a cold. Oh joy. I consumed so much lemon ginger tea, that I felt like my blood was made of the stuff.
    2. Thankfully, I got over the cold enough to do the Spokane Bridal Festival, but it wasn’t my best showing. I spent a few days afterwards recovering, and I was pretty bummed with how the show went. I wasn’t feeling 100%, and that meant that I didn’t do as well as I wanted at the show. That disappointment took a little time to get over, but I’m getting there.
    3. I spent some of my down time in January cleaning out our home. This was my second year doing the January Cure from Apartment Therapy, and I think it helps put me in a better mindset for our home.

January Recap // Emily Wenzel Photography

    1. I photographed Malain & Lucas’s gorgeous snow-filled engagement session up at Mt. Spokane! After a few weeks of time off from sessions for the show, and being sick, it felt so good to get out again.
    2. Shadow came down with pink eye, which I didn’t realize puppies could get. It slowed him down for a few days, but he bounced back with even more energy than before.
    3. We started the first project of many, giving the bathroom a quick makeover.  This was one of the rooms that was a quick project, and we finished it in a couple weekends of work. I can’t wait to share some photos with you guys next week, because earlier this month we celebrated two years in our home. I can’t believe we’ve been here that long!

January Recap // Emily Wenzel Photography

  1. I picked up this new harness for Shadow, and we’ve been working on leash training. Buddy is terrible on the leash, pulling my arms like crazy, and so we’re working on it. It’s the Freedom Harness, in case anyone else has a problem with their pup pulling.
  2. Lola has been coming downstairs more often – on her own, and when I make her – and she’s getting more bold with Shadow. She still has no interest in him, but while he was out the other day, I took some boxes to the car and left the back door open, and she escaped. TWICE. Sister has decided the puppy is here to stay, and she’s reclaiming her home.
  3. We got a new rug! While I’m sad to cover up our gorgeous wood floors, the rug really makes our living room feel more cozy. Oh, and I got new slippers because Shadow destroyed my old ones. I’m trying not to be too bummed about that, but I did love those slippers.

January Recap // Emily Wenzel Photography
And that was January! We took Shadow to puppy classes, life is started to balance out with two pets, and we enjoyed the snow…and then enjoyed that it’s gone for a bit.


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Behind the Scenes // Spokane Wedding Photographer

Everything slows down for me in the winter. With the holidays over, I spend a lot of time catching up on the things I’ve ignored during the busy season.

This month I’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes, the un-glamorous stuff behind owning a business. Like getting ready to file my taxes, and updating paperwork, or website code. I’m doing all the things that have been on my “to do” list for months, but haven’t gotten done because they’re boring or tedious.

I’ve also just been spending less time working, and more time doing real life stuff. I’ve read a couple books. We’ve just finished our first set of puppy classes with Shadow, who is becoming a sweeter, and more well behaved dog by the day. Some days, I think this pup will never be well mannered – like when he ate part of my slipper earlier this week – but then I think back to the day we adopted him* and I barely even recognize the dog he’s become.

We even had time over the weekend to do a quick (hahaha!) bathroom makeover, which still took us more time that we thought, but it was nice to have an entire weekend to work on.

Anyway, I still have lots of blogging to catch up on (like sharing a few weddings and sessions), but I’m taking a little time to breathe between meeting with prospective 2016 and 2017 clients and working on the back end here.



Southern Wedding Photographer // Emily Wenzel Photography

*I get questions a lot about where we got our four legged cuties. Lola was adopted in 2010 from Purrfect Pals, and Shadow was adopted in 2015 from Mikey’s Chance. Both are fantastic rescue organizations, and we’ve been thrilled with our furry family members. <3

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Malain & Lucas — Mt Spokane Engagement Session // Preview

On Tuesday afternoon, I drove up north, chasing the snow, for Malain & Lucas’s engagement session. Luckily, it wasn’t as cold as it has been, and their sweet pup had a blast playing around in the snow. I’m a bit bummed that all the snow in Spokane is gone, but thankful that there’s still lots up in the mountains!

I can’t wait to share more of this shoot with you all soon! <3

Mt Spokane Engagement // Emily Wenzel Photography
Mt Spokane Engagement // Emily Wenzel Photography
Mt Spokane Engagement // Emily Wenzel Photography


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