Everything slows down for me in the winter. With the holidays over, I spend a lot of time catching up on the things I’ve ignored during the busy season.

This month I’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes, the un-glamorous stuff behind owning a business. Like getting ready to file my taxes, and updating paperwork, or website code. I’m doing all the things that have been on my “to do” list for months, but haven’t gotten done because they’re boring or tedious.

I’ve also just been spending less time working, and more time doing real life stuff. I’ve read a couple books. We’ve just finished our first set of puppy classes with Shadow, who is becoming a sweeter, and more well behaved dog by the day. Some days, I think this pup will never be well mannered – like when he ate part of my slipper earlier this week – but then I think back to the day we adopted him* and I barely even recognize the dog he’s become.

We even had time over the weekend to do a quick (hahaha!) bathroom makeover, which still took us more time that we thought, but it was nice to have an entire weekend to work on.

Anyway, I still have lots of blogging to catch up on (like sharing a few weddings and sessions), but I’m taking a little time to breathe between meeting with prospective 2016 and 2017 clients and working on the back end here.



Southern Wedding Photographer // Emily Wenzel Photography

*I get questions a lot about where we got our four legged cuties. Lola was adopted in 2010 from Purrfect Pals, and Shadow was adopted in 2015 from Mikey’s Chance. Both are fantastic rescue organizations, and we’ve been thrilled with our furry family members. <3