Just wanted to pop in and share some exciting news! When I decided to go full-time in the photography, I wanted to pick only a few places to advertise, places I thought would fit my style and clients. One of the first places I picked was Applebrides. I used their site a TON when planning my own wedding, and I can tell you they are the best place to find vendors in Eastern Washington and especially the greater Spokane area. And now you’re like, but Emily, you live in SEATTLE, not SPOKANE.I know! But I love Eastern Washington so much (having grown up there) and Spokane holds a very special place in my heart (go Gonzaga!). I really do love Seattle, and all my clients here, but I also love Spokane! Plus, shooting weddings gives me more excuses to go back, hang out with my friends and family there, and eat the best Eggs Benedict in the world. Truth.

Check it out! (I apologize for the really bad screen grab, too excited! But I promise, their site is FULL of goodies and I can’t wait to start sharing my work there.)

And, to those of you who celebrate it, MERRY CHRISTMAS. I hope yours was fab. Mine was good, full of snow and family and food — except for a nasty cold — and so I didn’t take a single picture :(

To those who don’t celebrate Christmas, HAPPY DECEMBER. (Oh fine, and HAPPY HANUKKAH. You know who you are!).
Enjoy the rest of 2012 my friends, I’ll be back in 2013 with more fun stuff!