Photo by the Leo Loves Photography

About Emily

The heart and soul of life’s biggest events can often be found hiding in moments. I consider myself a collector and curator of those moments. Every event I photograph is an opportunity to capture the hundreds of glances, touches, and connections that define your relationships, to preserve them with my lens, and hand them back to you in celebration of your love, your new life, your family, or simply how unique and beautiful you are.

Based in Spokane, WA, I’m a whole-hearted supporter of marriage equality and love in all forms, and I am grateful every day that my passion and my profession are one in the same. As the mama of a young feminist, wife to an immigrant, and an avid traveller who feels most at home in a bookstore, I aim to bring a calm, positive presence to every event I photograph. Like many of my clients, I consider myself awkward in front of a camera, and I’ve spent my 11 years in the industry developing tips, tools, and light-hearted guidance to help those I’m photographing relax into themselves and their significant others. While I’ll confidently lead you with suggestions and inspiration for the images you request, my favorite photographs are often the ones I snap when you’ve forgotten, for a moment, that I’m there, and are simply busy enjoying each other.

A good photograph can transport you back to the details of your best moments, and my goal is to leave you with a collection of individual time machines. My hope is that each of your pictures calls you to the way you felt and who you were on the day it was captured – that you might see the precious, celebrated details of your loves, little ones, and laughter through the lens of my camera, in all of their messy, real, and beautiful magic.

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