about meEmily Wenzel Photography In a nutshell: I never thought of myself as an artist. But one day, I woke and realized I was one. Even now, I feel so luck to have a job that is my passion — and a passion that is my job.

I live in Spokane with my husband (the accountant) and our cat (the diva). I lived in the Czech Republic (twice) and speak Czech & German almost fluently.

The list of places I don’t want to visit is significantly shorter than the places I want to go. I attended Gonzaga University, where I started my photography career. Travel inspired me to improve my photography because I wanted to capture the feelings as well as the moments. Getting married brought me to wedding photography.

I shoot weddings, couples, singletons, families, kids & life as it happens. I shoot digital, but have a background in film photography.

I like chai tea, used to be a Starbucks barista, enjoy science fiction, and love old houses.

Let’s chat about your wedding — contact me through the form above, or by email: emily@emilywenzel.com. The coffee’s on me.

My philosophy: Your wedding is not a fashion shoot.

Your wedding is about the two of you getting married. It’s about love and laughter and tears of joy. It’s about friends and family and forever. I shoot weddings for the marriage. For today and tomorrow and 50 years from now.

Every wedding is different, so my approach depends very much on my clients. My photographs are tailored to the details & moments that make your wedding special. But (fair warning!) that doesn’t mean I will copy the photos you’ve put on Pinterest.

More? Check out my pricing or read the answers to some frequently asked questions. Or, let’s chat over some coffee. Or drinks. You know where to find me. :)


Photo courtesy of B! Photography. Used with permission.