Hello, I’m Emily

ello! I’m Emily, and it’s very nice to meet you. Up until February of 2020, I was a wedding, portrait, and event photographer. Now, I’m not sure what I am. I’ll always be an artist, and I’ll always want to tell stories. As we navigate these strange new times we live in, I’ve decided it’s time to breathe new life into my blog and see what happens from here.

The thing I’ve always loved most is traveling with my husband and our daughter, making the world a more beautiful place, and meeting other wonderful humans. Have camera, will travel. But what does a traveling photographer do when they can’t travel? They have adventures at home! 

Who am I? I’m a weirdly extroverted introvert, who loves art and rules and breaking rules! It causes a lot of chaos for my better half*, who likes everything to be orderly. I talk in run on sentences, use my hands to illustrate my thoughts even when on the phone, and seem to jump from topic to topic with little connection, but I can always connect the dots.

We live in Spokane, WA and are a German-American house. My husband is from Munich, and I know one day we will live in Germany (again). I used to live in Czechia, and we speak three languages at home (mostly German and English) so it can be a bit crazy around here!

* my better half is a hardcore introverted-introvert (unless you want to talk about German Fussball) so I refer to him as H and our daughter as Little Miss or N to respect their privacy.

Four fun facts about us:

  • We live in a 1902 ‘farmhouse in the city’ that we are slowly renovating.
  • Haribo is a fact of life around here. My favorite are the owls, N likes the dinosaurs, and H likes anything sour or licorice.
  • I’m a Ravenclaw for life, and proud of that, even though JK Rowling is a bit of nightmare.
  • We have a German Shephard/Husky mix named Shadow (the goofball) and a black & white kitty named Lola (the dowager countess).

 Photos by The Leo Loves Photography + from our personal collection

Delos Archaeological Site Greek Island // Emily Wenzel Photography