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Hello all!
I’m in “recovery” mode today after a long weekend at the Spokane Bridal Festival. It’s a huge event, and so overwhelming for me. BUT I get to meet all of you lovely, lovely, people. If, like me, you’re slowly going through all the stuff you collected at the show, I’d love for you to poke around and check out the site. Above, you’ll find some of my favorite images in the portfolio links. If you scroll through the blog, you’ll also get an idea of what an engagement session or wedding day is like with me. Lastly, I encourage you to check out my Tips for Clients posts. Those posts are full of great stuff that will help you plan your wedding.
If we got a chance to talk at the show – or you got to chat with my husband – I first want to say THANK YOU. Each one of you had a fun, lovely, story. One couple got engaged on Saturday, and was at the show on Sunday! Whoa!! A few of you were really overwhelmed by the show. Remember to take it all in, but only keep those ideas that work for the two of you. Weddings are great, because they’re a celebration of your love, not what’s trending on Pinterest. <3
Anyway, if you’d like more information about wedding packages, please click that “contact us” button above, and send me a little email. That gets you in my notes, because there are a lot of popular days that are going to be booked in the next couple weeks, and I’d be bummed if you didn’t get a chance to chat with me more, and check out my albums in better detail, before then. 

Mountain Wedding // Emily Wenzel Photography