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Friday: An Update

There are a lot of things going through my mind lately. Things I’ve wanted to share but would have ended up being 4 sentence blog posts. So, here’s a post of miscellaneous nonsense.


1. Back in February, I went to the dentist and they decided I needed braces again. I dragged my feet, because I think I’ve known this deep down for a few years. But I finally did something about it and last week I got my first set of Invisalign. Right now, if everything goes smoothly, it will take 40 weeks. The first few days were rough. I had to remember to put them back in right after eating, brushing whenever I can, and make sure I wasn’t lisping like a kid without front teeth. Also, I am so happy that I’m not rocking the glasses & braces combo again. Doing that once, um,  twice was enough. Three times would have been too much. So, 1 week down, 39 to go.

2. H ran his first triathlon of the season last Saturday, beating last year’s time on the same course. He’s planning on running 7 total this season: 4 sprint distance and 3 olympic distance. For the first time, we’re going to events in 2 states (Washington and Oregon). His season spans 4 months and means a lot of early mornings and waiting. But also a lot of good memories and I get to meet some nice people.

3. For the second year, I’m spending my summer off from the school nannying a couple local families and tutoring. The more I work as a nanny, the more I realize what an interesting role nannies and babysitters play. We’re big sisters (or brothers), psuedo-parents, teachers and confidants. We walk a light between fun and serious, between friend and elder. I love the chance I get to be part of someone’s family. And as I see my student age and grow into beautiful young people, I am more and more proud of them and whatever tiny part I’ve played in their lives.

4.  I’ve been having some troubles with my computer (specifically, my harddrive) and so I have to reformat it. This is really frustrating because I know that it will take me a while to get everything back the way I want it. Just a warning, having to reinstall everything means I won’t be editing for a few days (hopefully no more than a week), which might mean no post next week. I am epically bummed about this.

5. We’ve been doing lots of little projects around the house apartment and once things no longer look like a war zone, I’m going to share some pictures. It’s no Martha Stewart, but I’m proud of how our little space is becoming our own. Plus the DIY work makes me feel good about myself.

St Louise School Kids Club

Madeline & Ellie: St. Louise School

Samish Lake: August 2010

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