Hello, I’m Emily

A photographer, writer, and old home owner based in Spokane, WA. I used to be a wedding photographer before the pandemic. Now, I’m trying to find a new path.


Increase Your Online Presence

My goal is to make your business run smoothly online. I will work with you to create or purchase images that reflect your branding, prep your blog posts, mass mailings, or social media content, or work to make your non-profit shine.


An Experienced Professional

I’ve been a freelance photographer for over 12 years, with 8 of those years being under my own name. I’ve also worked with small brands and non-profits to organize their social media, clean up their online presence, and make their businesses run smoothly.

Create a Brand

Working with your budget, we’ll develop a library of images that reflect your brand, either with custom work shot by us, or with stock photos purchased online, and create keywords and hashtags that will help clients find you and the amazing work you do.