Capturing the moments that define your best days, in all of their messy, real, and beautiful magic.

Emily Wenzel an event and family photographer based in Spokane, WA. She believes a good photograph can transport us back to our best moments, and her goal is to leave her clients with a collection of beautifully captured and curated time machines.

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The heart and soul of life’s biggest events can often be found hiding in moments. Every event I photograph is an opportunity to celebrate your love, your new life, your family, or simply how unique and beautiful you are.

I’m a whole-hearted supporter of marriage equality and love in all forms, and I am grateful every day that my passion and my profession are one in the same. I aim to bring a calm, positive presence to every event I photograph.

While I’ll lead you with suggestions and inspiration for the images you request, my favorite photographs are often the ones I snap when you’ve forgotten, for a moment, that I’m there, and are simply busy enjoying each other.

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